The Green Deal

Discussion in 'DIY' started by vinniethemanxcat, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. I did look at this and it is indeed a scam, meanwhile if I wanted a new boiler a local Hetas approved fitter charged £999 for a new condensing combination boiler fitted inc VAT.
  2. Robbing barstuards. 8% interest. don't worry take as long as you like to pay it back.

    If the took the VAT off home improvements like new builds for fuel efficiency then we might see a credible greening policy.

    Before anyone says; you can only get certain products and labour at a reduced rate of vat.

  3. What boiler is it Jarrod?

    You could be fitting a gold- plated gobbler for that price........ the only boilers I would consider cost around £900 and £1100 BEFORE labour.

    There's a lot of cheapies out there that start going wrong very expensively after about 3-4 years old and you need to be locked into a £300 a year service contract......
  4. If they really gave a shit about green issues, the best thing would be to look at our victorian housing stock.

    If they got teams of workmen together, they could blitz whole streets of terraces..... each room has one outside, solid, wall, all it would take would be studding on the walls, insulation, then plasterboard.

    They could run off cheap lengths of skirting board and near enough matching coving.

    The reduction in heat losses would probably exceed the entire output of these stupid ******* wind farms......
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  5. Vokera with a 5 yr guarantee but I'm not changing my boiler. It was just an example that a local chap can well be cheaper.
  6. A good idea before getting a boiler, is ring around the local guys and say " My boiler won't work, it's a *********."

    If most of them have a "broken wrist", "just going on holiday", "really busy at the moment," ........... be suspicious.

    Guarantees have more get- out clauses than Tony Blair's manifestos.
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  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The Green Deal is getting a bad press from the likes of the Grunaiad because they hate the ConDems. I ******* hate the ConDems but the Green Deal is the best money making scam since we all stopped smuggling heroin.

    It will help...

    1) The lads on the tools because, lets face it there is not much graft out there.
    2) Home-owners. Up to £10k of investment on your property and they need to demonstrate a saving year-on-year for 25 years. By which time you may be dead so who gives a ****?
    3) Landlords. No cap-ex and your tenant signs up for it.
    4) Land owners. Every shitbag stable and run-down cottage is getting Green Dealed to buggery.

    The only losers are the DIY types since they cannot do the paper chase. So **** off and install a wood burning stove in your Hobbit Hole.

    The Green Deal. It is the dogs bollocks.
  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I got my condensing boiler for £70.00 and parts of my loft insulated to a high level for free. Would have had Free Cavity wall insulation as well but my house is constructed in what they call Rat Run bond. All this under the old Warmfront System .
    There was talk of an outside wall cavity wall type insulation cladding but nothing ever came from that .

    I live in the country near the coast with farmland all around so I looked into a Wind generator but by jimmeny that were thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds to instal and I WOULD BE WELL DEAD BEFORE it paid off. But that's something the government could look at for us , the Solar panels scheme seems to be run with lots of flaws and I could never get a firm to come out and do a survey anyway .

    So the best deal was Warmfront under Labour .
  9. Tread very carefully here chaps this latest wheeze of an offer could devalue your property ....

    Further there is an up-front fee of ~£120 to see if you qualify for a loan .

    Full article ... linky ... 'Hidden charges' of Green Deal - Telegraph
  10. Not up on things in the UK, but have seen a major increase in business in the domestic Trades market in Germany, since 2010/11, any private household using Tradesmen services upto €5000 p.a will have the 19% VAT reimbursed on that years tax return. This has been very apparent in the lower/middle classes, with more opting for this option than "Schwarzarbeit", so also combating cash-in-hand work to an extent.