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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Roadless, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Brilliant game last night after our defeat against the Icelantic hordes, :lol:
    The Spanish team no doubt will be burnt at the stake for their 3 - 2
    defeat :lol:
  2. First half Norn Iron forced Spain to look ordinary, misplaced passes etc. Second half I though Spain were excellent but Norn Iron were better. Best night of footie since NI 1 v England 0! And I'm English!

    Wife says she heard Sanchez might resign? Has anyone heard similar? I hope he doesn't...
  3. Brill night!! I was in a conference last night with my BC when a mate* texted me and said NI where 3-2 up!!! Couldnt believe it!!! I made my excuses and went to the guard room to watch it!!

    Ace football, and the 3rd goal by Healy was world class!!! Why isn't he playing in the premiership???

    *my mum
  5. Healy's day to day record is not as good as his international one. Saying that, he plays for, at best an ok side, but one that is very erratic and he has still got 23 goals in 53 caps, not bad at all (and don't forget the team had that 10 game run or whatever it was without a goal when David Healy was alone up front). These incluse goals against sides like Denmark, England, Spain, Germany and of course Spain.

    Surely he is Premiership material? His finishes last night were World class.

    The Youngsters were super too, Kyle Lafferty and Steven Davis especially.

    Davis really has the potential to be a Premiership superstar.

    David Healy should get his international goals record into the 30's at this rate before he retires. I think he will be NI's record scorer for the rest of time.
  6. On the subject of the NI Footy Team,

    Anyone know where to get one of the anniversary strips but short sleeves only. I tried everywear when I was over in Belfast recently but all long sleeves only :-(
  7. " Salvador Dali, Fernando Alonso, King Juan Carlos, Pablo Picasso, Miguel Indurain, Antonio Banderas, Pedro Duque, Jose Zapatero, can you hear me Jose Zapatero?

    Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!"