The Greek way

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. No not that Greek way, this...

    Listening to the local radio on the way home, they'd a Greek bloke on talking about the hoo-har going on over there today, with Angela Merkel's visit.

    Apparently Greeks blame the EU, Bankers, Germany, Angela and A.N. Other for the financial shit they are in. "It's everyone's fault but ours and we are angry", is the national attitude.

    So nothing to do with the Greek national sport of tax avoidance and corrupt politicians bribing the electorate with large pensions, wages and other assorted handouts then. Obviously.

    Stavros, you're a cunt.
  2. They'll love Angela's new Panzers.
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  3. There was something on the radio this morning about the Greeks demanding the repayment of a loan they were forced to give to the Germans during the 2nd World War
    Apparently the Greeks central bank gave the Germans a massive loan (under duress) equivlent to £100 billion in todays money that was never repaid. If I heard right that is.
    Repayment would go a long way toward paying of Greece's debts.
  4. ...or would let them continue tax-dodging, the idle cunts.
  5. If that's the case the Germans must owe us a bloody fortune!
  6. Oh and I reckon we deserve some cash for poor Gen.Gordon, who do we see?
  7. Perhaps its time we sent them an invoice for all the bombs we dropped on them whilst liberating them from Hitler?
  8. Hang on, we liberated the Frogs first, they still haven't paid, the unwashed twats.
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  9. And my Grandads fingers, they kept all of Uncle Jack.

  10. Yeh, fair point. Bill the French too.
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  11. To be fair, I think we would be better with a cash payment rather than getting your uncle Jack back now.
    He's not going to be in very good nick after all this time.
  12. I gather that Passport Control, on seeing Frau Merkel asked her, "Occupation?" to which she replied, "Possibly..."
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  13. Did the Greeks get those Swastika flags I saw them burning on Sky news made specially, or do they have a lot left over in storage from kindly lending the boxheads some lebensraum last time around?
  14. What about the bill for all the mental anguish the Huns caused generations of Scousers for (insufficiently) bombing the whining fuckers. OK, the actual bill would be in the region of 50p BUT they'll be claiming billions.
  15. For a moment there I thought I'd been reading the Labour Party manifesto for the next election. Bribing the great unwashed with large social payments to win, or am I thinking 1997, 2002, 2005?