The Greatest Teacher You Ever Had

I had several, thank goodness. Mrs Beck made me read intelligently, Willie Williams OBE taught me that English is the most beautiful language in the world, Mrs Way taught me alot about music, my dad taught me how to ping the eye out of a rabbit.....
The greatest teacher I ever had was the tasty, tiny little, 22 year old redhead art teacher, Miss Horsely.......well, in my dreams I did!...:thumright:
By "had" do you mean those that have taught at school you or sporty teacher type bints that you have defiled in recent years?
My old man.
To quote Ciggie "... my dad taught me how to ping the eye out of a rabbit." and to gut and eat what I caught at the age of six. He also taught never to be intimidated by anyone who thought themselves superior, “Just remember ND, they also sat on the toilet this morning with their pants round their ankles.” and to listen and be fair and give everyone a hearing despite your own stand on a matter… and then deck ‘em.

My Housemaster, GL.
Strict wasn’t the word, but what we learnt about admin would serve us well - he was Merchant Navy during WWII. An absolute cnut at times, but fair and now the only teacher that TSO and I visit for dinner at the Castle Campbell once a year.

Miss Norton et al…
She taught me what hormones were…

The Masseys.
They taught me the wonders of music outside of the charts… except , of course Jazz!

The Geography teachers
All that map reading with Silvas would help in later years.
Etc. etc.
That Heydrich bloke knew a trick or two. I'm sure there are blokes in the SD that loved his death by viewfoil presentations.
A Talbot Samba. Taught me to not drop big spanners into the engine bay while the car is in gear and the battery is connected. Shorted the starter motor and the car pinned me to the back wall of the garage.
There was a rather dumpy and plain lady called Mrs Whitelaw who taught me in Primary School. For some reason, she took it into her head that it would be worth both our while for her to keep me in at playtime to correct my frankly appalling handwriting caused by poor hand-eye coordination.

But for her kindly intervention, I could have hada long and successful career in the art world. I never got the chance to thank her.


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Nobby for imbuing a deep love of political achievement

Mr Plumstead for showing the simplicity of maths

PJ for unpacking economics for my dull noggin
The greatest teacher I ever had was the tasty, tiny little, 22 year old redhead art teacher, Miss Horsely.......well, in my dreams I did!...:thumright:
Pictures or you're lying!

Mr Boobyer (Ex Capt. Welsh Guards) for giving me an interest in history

Mr Henshaw in Science for always getting us to want to know how things work

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The greatest teacher I ever had was the tasty, tiny little, 22 year old redhead art teacher, Miss Horsely.......well, in my dreams I did!...:thumright:
In my case, she worked at the Army school in Paderborn, and came from Fermanagh.

The ones who were s'posed to make the most of my potential at school were (with the exception, I belatedly realised, as I read his recent obituary, of the language master who taught me French, German and how to pun fluently) something of a disappointment.
My maths teacher in 5th form (1959). He'd been a Desert Rat and most periods we could get him talking about his time in Libya ... and come out having learnt exactly what he wanted us to learn. I wish I could remember his name.
Mr Mathers for teaching me all about standards and behaviour, as well as maths.
Mr Jones, a stand in history teacher very much like Adam Heart-Davis. He taught me that history was interesting and learning for the sake of it could be fun.
My best mates mum, for teaching me about women.
Mr Tyson, Science teacher, the only other Northern cunt in a school of southern poofters. Used to wait outside the class while I sorted out which ever
pseudo hard bloke geezer thought it was his turn to prove himself. They never learn, chuckled Mr Tyson
At school: Mrs Davies (primary school) and Mr St George (secondary school) - both for introducing me to classic books that I'm still happy to reread xx years later.

In the Army: Can't remember his name, SSgt (or Colour?) in the Inniskillins who was my instructor on my Class 2 at Worthy Down. He taught an extremely boring subject in such a way that had us all laughing every minute and surprised that it all actually sank in. Pay Sgt at my second unit who taught me how to fill in MMA/SA forms out to maximum effect. ;-) Ch Clk at same unit who was such a cunt that I did my best to be helpful to everyone who stepped into the Orderly Room just to spite him. As a result, I gained a lot of friends and had a lot easier time outside of the Orderly Room than he did!

In Life: My dad. Didn't teach me how to gut a fish or skin a rabbit. Did teach me how to change a car wheel and how to recognise various parts of a car engine and some (very) basic engine diagnostics. Most importantly taught me how to keep mouth shut and eyes/ears open, not to judge by first appearances and when it was best to turn a blind eye.

Oh, and Greg Karpinsky. I'm not sure I'm grateful for what he taught me, but there's one or two men out there that are!!
Pictures or you're lying!
Well, I did say in my dreams!....wish I did have some pics of her!....don't think cameras had been invented when I was at school!.....:-(
Mr Victor Knight, my old Maths teacher who took me from grade 'A' cunt to decent at maths in one year.

An ex copper who started with the immortal words "I'm here to teach you not control you, if you don't want to learn then there's the door- piss off"

Don't recall anyone leaving.
Roger Cole, maths and music teacher at primary school. His maths formulae were un-orthadox, he called it "Coles-law", but it worked and we learnt.
Music lessons were such a larf, from self composed songs to Bob Dylan. He is to blame for my musical ear, that came into being singing in harmony in the back of 4 tonners.

But the greatest teacher I ever HAD?
The wife, she teaches primary kids.

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