The Greatest Movies Weve Never Seen.

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The Greatest Movies We've Never Seen…

What’s the greatest movie of all time? Ask any group of people and a few familiar titles are bound to pop up. Citizen Kane and Casa Blanca will be mentioned within seconds. Then someone will champion The Godfather, which normally leads to the same old gab about whether Part 2 was better or not. We’ve all had this same conversation again and again.

As these same titles are regurgitated towards the top of just about every ‘best movies ever’ list, we have to question whether it’s the reputation we’re upholding rather than the film itself. Ask that person from the beginning of the film-chat whether they’ve actually seen Citizen Cane. ‘Of course I have,’ they’ll say. Then ask them how the story goes, or perhaps ask them to name one of the characters, not accepting the answer ‘Kane’. There may well be an embarrassing silence. Either that or they’ll make a feeble attempt along the lines of ‘something to do with a rosebud…’

The fact that we waited for the late night end-section of that list show on Channel 4 does not qualify us to praise that which we’ve never experienced. Don’t get me wrong. Every film journalist, no matter how world-weary, has appalling gaps in their film-watching. Many are happy to discuss Werner Herzog’s existential take on the universe. But those same experts may well be yet to get round to watching Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

As our attention spans shorten, we’re less and less inclined to sit through films from a gentler era. Yet we insist that ‘the classics’ are our favourites in a vain bid for credibility. We’ve listed ‘the greatest movies we’ve never seen’ in gallery form. Have you seen them all?
So then a quick quiz for the readership of ARRSE.

Of the following 12 films
a. How many do you own (on Video, DVD, etc)?
b. How many have you watched?
c. How many have you not got one inkling of a clue to what they are?

1. Citizen Kane
2. Dr Zhivago
3. Casa Blanca
4. Seven Samurai
5. Brdige over the River Kwai
6. The Godfather Part II
7. Psycho
8. Rebel without a cause
9. Singing in the Rain
10. Dr Strangelove
11. Chinatown
12. Gone with the wind

For myself a rather respectable (IMHO) result.
a. 6/12
b. 9/12
c. 2/12

Dr Zhivago heard of but not much of a clue, China Town is a new one on me and I have never seen Rebel without a cause.

Any comments and results?
A: 2/12

B: 12/12

C: Know all of 'em. Providing I'm remembering right and Chinatown is the 30's set noir thing where Jack Nicholson gets his nose cut.
1. Citizen Kane - never seen, no idea what it's about

2. Dr Zhivago - got a free dvd in the paper of it a couple of months ago but never watched, somthing to do with russia?!

3. Casa Blanca - never seen , somthing to do with the war?

4. Seven Samurai - never seen, no idea what it's about

5. Brdige over the River Kwai - seen, got, building a railway!

6. The Godfather Part II - not seen any of them

7. Psycho -got, orignal and remake, book, t-shirt! Mad man and his mother!

8. Rebel without a cause - seen years ago, somthing to do with being a teenager?

9. Singing in the Rain - got, love this along with Calamity Jane, high society, white christmas etc ! ( and yes I am under 30!)

10. Dr Strangelove - I own this but it's still in the wrapper, no idea what it's about think I just brought it because everyone kept saying what a good film it was

11. Chinatown - never seen no idea what it's about

12. Gone with the wind - again never seen no idea what it's about!

god I need to get out more!
a) 2/12. Mrs Carrots MkI got the video collection.
b) 12/12. I spent many a long week as a bed-ridden invalid, 4 years ago. I read lots, too!
c) 0/12 See above.

I always had my suspicions about self-described 'film buffs' especially when it comes to French film. Too many people can reel off a hanful of names, but never know what the film was actually about.

And where the Hell was 'Apocalypse Now'? Snails and straight razors, pure class.
You definitly need to go to Moles though.
Not disagreeing with the basic sentiment, but, in whose opinion are these ‘the greatest 12’? Again, do hate the term ‘greatest/best etc’ – viz, in what way/according to who?????

e.g. We asked 100 lovies, if armed with boxes of Malteesers and Kleenex, sitting in pairs on their sofa on a rainy Saturday night in winter, which films would you most want to see?

You can quantify revenue, but then you should moderate figures with monetary value at the time, distribution availability, available mediums and to what percentage of the populous, political restrictions on global distribution, time period of availability, level of populations, disposable income and cost of viewing, competition, etc, etc, etc.

To play the game, however:
(a) 8
(b) 12
(c) 12

‘Rebel Without a Cause’, 1955, doesn’t make my top list, and I can’t really see it’s alleged impact at the time? But then, James Dean sparked a somewhat alternate reasoned actor hype, which is not without merit, then launched into immortality by dramatically dying young in a style associated with his characters. For me, a more worthy cinema milestone is ‘The Wild One’, 1953, with Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin, but then I’d watch it just for one line. When Johnny (Brando) is asked what he’s rebelling against, the immortal reply; ”Waddya got?”

wompingwillow said:
4. Seven Samurai - never seen, no idea what it's about
Seven Samurai is one of many Akira Kurosawa films remade for Western cinema. Seven Samurai became the Magnificent Seven and the story is therefore ragtag group of warriors save a helpless village

Chinatown is the Jack Nicholson film noir.
Its the age of Sky+ TV so videos and DV's are a thing of the past, however if you let me off with owning Magnificent 7, Magnificent 7 Ride and the bonus DVD with part of 7 Samurai on it my figures are.


However dont quiz me on watching all 12 of them but my mum was into all that Gone with the wind (American) stuff when I was a kid in the 70's.

I wonder if this is an American poll / over 60's poll :?

I agree with original post that most films are rated as classics purely by word of mouth (usually from some critic).

1. Citizen Kane - Oscar winner
2. Dr Zhivago - Famous due to length and cinematography
3. Casa Blanca- Most wrongly quoted film
4. Seven Samurai - Awsome film
5. Brdige over the River Kwai - True brit film any thing with Alec Guiness
6. The Godfather Part II - Overrated american trash
7. Psycho - CLASSIC horror
8. Rebel without a cause - Overated due to death of JD
9. Singing in the Rain - Classic feelgood film
10. Dr Strangelove - True classic due to script and political satire.
11. Chinatown ???????????
12. Gone with the wind - Overated due to length and one famous line

Citizen Kane- haven't seen
Dr Zhivago- okay
Casablanca- a bit cheesy but I really enjoyed it
Seven Samurai- haven't seen
The Bridge on the River Kwai- classic
The Godfather Pt II- like it less every time I see it. Nowhere near the best mob movie
Psycho- haven't seen
Rebel Without a Cause- melodramatic but not bad
Dr Strangelove- "Mein fuhrer! I can walk!" One of (if not the) best films ever made
Chinatown- another one of my favourites
Gone With The Wind- nonsense

3/12 (but seen bits of 5 others, just cannot bring myself to sit all the way through them)


The one I own is of course Dr Strangelove, which I watch regularly.

Look at the big board, they're getting ready to clobber us!
a. 0/12
b. 12/12
c. 0/12

IMO, most of these films are not that good - some (eg "Rebel Without A Cause", "Gone With The Wind") are pretty dreadful, and most are overrated.

"Citizen Kane" has interesting things to convey, but, IMO, only #4 ("Seven Samurai"), and #10 ("Dr Strangelove"), count in the "Greatest Movies" stakes.

Obscure (as in not popularly well known) "Greatest Movies" lists ought to include, IMO, the films of Sergei Eisenstein (esp "The Battleship Potemkin"), and those of David Lean (esp "Oliver Twist"), and Powell & Pressberger. Stanley Kubrick's "Paths Of Glory" (banned in France for nearly 30 years) is one of the greatest films made about WW1, and what about Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times"?!

Second No.9's comments re "The Wild One".
1. Citizen Kane - Never seen it, dont think I want to
2. Dr Zhivago - Ditto
3. Casa Blanca - Good film to pass a wet afternoon
4. Seven Samurai - Another one not on my list
5. Brdige over the River Kwai - watched when I was a kid
6. The Godfather Part II - not seen any of them
7. Psycho - Shower scene over rated
8. Rebel without a cause - s'alright nothing brilliant
9. Singing in the Rain - 2nd best film on the list, love it.
10. Dr Strangelove - never seen it, but other half loves it
11. Chinatown - doesnt appeal to me
12. Gone with the wind - Best film here. I want to be scarlett

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