The Great War - Daily Mail DVD Offer

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by diehard57, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Starts tomorrow - Sat 13 Oct - 26 DVDs of the famous 1960's documentary 'The Great War' - one of the most ambitious and prestigious series ever produced by the BBC. Drawing on over one million feet of film, hundreds of exclusive interviews and contemporary diaries and letters, this documentary masterpiece is by far the most comprehensive film history of World War One ever made. Narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave this superb collection also features the voices of many other leading actors of the day including Sir Ralph Richardson and Marius Goring. Normal stuff - collect DVD's each day from various newsagents (W H Smiths etc) or save tokens and send a cheque for whole series including a display case.
  2. Worth going for, mind you if it is anything like the "world at war" series run earlier in the year you will have to wait about 5 months for them to arrive.
  3. I didn't have to wait five months, but they did take their time in arriving. Worth it though. I wish I'd gone for the presentation pack though. Now saving my tokens for the first innings set.
  4. Ordinarily I wouldn't touch the Mail with a ten foot barge pole but in the circumstances it's definitely worth buying just for these particular DVDs. Mrs. lancslad picked up the Great War set for me about 5 years ago as Xmas present and we both sat through the 26 episodes one after the other for 26 consecutive days - they are that good. Listening to the experiences of the WW1 veterans (sitting in their shirts & ties in smoky pubs :D ) was incredibly humbling.