The Great Unwashed are revolting again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Nov 21, 2012.

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  2. Not if he's got any sense...

  3. and that's where the problem lies
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  4. You're not wrong...
  5. They'll be marching past my office!

    Is this an opportunity for some fun?
  6. Just had a quick look. There's a fair few genuine seeming students about. The problems really began last time when the 'professional' protestors began to get involved. That and the fact that Police lost the plot slightly and allowed the mob to dominate the ground resulting in Whitehall getting smashed up.

    I'm on a different job (Sarkosy Watch) today but we'll probably keep an eye out later when the real scutters have dragged themselves out of their pits.

  7. no- its an opportunity to get out a gpmg and let loose the dogs of war !! go for it my son!! apwt with real targets is opportunity not to be missed !
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  8. I love this little story in one of the posted articles:

    Completely ignoring what they were expelled for, almost implying that it was arbitrary, but good on him for getting himself back on track after ****ing up as a kid.

    Funny how these things just happen.

    The schizophrenia is probably the result of drug use.
    Oh and he had the same opportunities as you, he just didn't do anything about it.

    I have an answer mate, and it doesn't involve the government but personal responsibility.
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  9. Gpmg?


    Brief: I would say some proper realistic on site operational baton techniques require updating today's chaps, the local gym has double booked us but Parliment Square is freely available...
  10. Nothing major is going to happen; it's too bloody cold.
  11. Sit in the window with a catapult and a bag of marbles



  12. We picked up an ASP last year -it was in a holdall that came flying out of a looted Police van. My security bloke had it on him until our shift was up -when, unfortunately we handed it over to the nearest senior officer.
  13. Marbles might shatter and cause cuts.

    Ball bearings are far more in line with Health and Safety Best Practice.
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  14. I'd favour an air rifle loaded with a blue tack/swan vesta match head combo.
  15. Chaps - I see a business opportunity opening here. Re-open St Angelo, bucket flights provided by a reputable carrier, maybe Ryanair, short bus ride to Ennisklillen in time for G8 summit, dropped off at an RV just a few Kms from Lough Erne resort. They can then stroll through the pissing rain and bogs, negotiate (unsucessfully) blackthorn hedges and arrive with clothes in tatters requiring medical attention for lacerations.

    I reckon Gubmint funding might be available as some nitwit politician might be convinced that this "opportunity" would demonstrate our commitment to the democratic right to peaceful protest.

    Of course, we'd need some pretty robust marshalls ..........

    Worth passing out a few fliers today?