The great uk aid rip-off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. I, like you, am utterly incensed that this money is being ripped off in this way. The Government should do more to try to prevent this happening. Instead of pouring money in why not send the tools and equipment needed to cultivate the land and irrigate it?
  2. Many years ago,a African country,cant remember which one,had on its books,200 hundred aid vehicles,and the presidents brother was in charge of aod distribution osv,he was sacked when it was found theor was only a few working ,and the rest had disapeared,the president wouldn't let anybody else distribute ,until his brother was re-intated,so it's been going on for a few years.
  3. Or even better, scrap aid and have a budget to provide British made farming equipment and train Africans to use it by using British workers, creating British jobs and retaining the aid money in the UK economy rather than in some tin-pot dictators pocket.
  4. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    They tried that about thirty years ago and some ******** sent hundreds of clapped out British Leyand tractors to Bangladesh ,a country where a tractors is about as much use as an elephant in Epping, they had no spares,no fuel,not many people in the country who could drive them, about twenty years later they were still rotting on the docks
  5. Long held the same line of thought a MiT however I'd go one better and asset track large items such as genny's/Vehicles etc small teams to be run in country via the embassy/consulate. Stuff goes missing then less aid next year unless lost due to natural disaster etc
  6. Sometimes its just bungling ineptitude and naiveté but sometimes 'aid' is directed with the full knowledge that it will most likely end up in a Swiss account, in Boeing's account books, in big swatches of London or Parisian property, in return for some sort of nefarious benefit. In other words 'aid' is used as a bung for services rendered or to curry political favour.

    If we will insist on doing that, I wish we would do it like the Chinese and build infrastructure as payment-in-kind. Even Fritz manages to (very quietly) play gunmint politics even though their constitution forbids them from exporting arms.

    Oh the Buffoonery within!
  7. Maybe the UK should exchange our GBPs into Dollars Zimbabwean and sent this out to the Harare Gubment in extra large shipping containers to be transhiped through SA first...... I don't think Uncle Bob and his Henchpersons would like this... but sod 'em.....

    Same with other African countries...... 50,000 Billion Dollars Zim.... that'll do nicely Sir.... jsut enough to buy a Landie
  8. Yep, agreed. And whack our flag on it, so that everybody knows precisely who paid for it.
  9. Give them guns and clapped out tanks to either overthrow the criminals in charge or to kill each other,the place is a fcuking basket case that just soaks our money into Switzerland.

    Charity begins at home.By sticking Union Jacks all over our aid packages we just ensures that huge numbers of illegal immigrants come to the `Rich`UK after they´ve got their strength back after the famine.

    I thought they had enough AID(S) already :O !
  10. Halt all foreign aid forthwith.Simples.
  11. No doubt the same Oxfam that boosts the profits of luxuary hotels in Africa when their "aid workers" visit thses countries during the UK winters.
  12. Take a read of Mark Thomas' book; "As used on the famous Nelson Mandela" which details amongst others, how British Leyland mil spec trucks, are supplied to the Sudanese government for distributing "aid", the self same trucks, relied on by the Janjaweed militia to commit genocide in Darfur. Part funded and subsidised by the UK taxpayer, export overseen and controlled by the DTI, and more than 2.7m Darfuri's displaced. The interviews in the book make clear how without these British made and supplied trucks, the Janjaweed would not have been able to commit such crimes with such ease. It also chronicles how other countries would not supply trucks to the Khartoum government, due to the risks described (but ignored) by HMG and its agents.

    Against this, private jet purchase for the Pres of Malawi... peanuts.

    I would go onto mention CDC, but Richard Bacon MP puts it a whole lot more succinctly then I ever could...

    Source: Anti-poverty chief paid the same as a Premier-league footballer, says MP
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    DFID are not a lot better. The vast majority of people you meet in Afghanistan and elsewhere working for DFID are contractors; DFID themselves they spend most of their budget on self-protection. One year in Iraq for example (2006, I seem to recall) they spent nothing on reconstruction at all, their entire budget went on self-protection. What reconstruction that was done was paid for by USAID dollars - which, come to think of it, is not a bad idea - but it did of course all appear to the locals as US help, not ours.