The Great Storm of 1987

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by greatstormsearch, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. I'm writing on behalf of the BBC Kent website and we're looking for people that were working for the Army during the time of the Great Storm and helped out in the recovery effort in Kent.

    I believe that the 36 Engineer Regiment played a big role and I wanted to see if there's anyone out there who has a good story to tell who worked at the time?

    Also, any pictures that you have would be much appreciated?

    A long shot but if anyone knowns anyone that might be interested in having a chat please get in touch!

    Thanks very much!

  2. I was at Old Park Barracks in Dover then, and we did a lot of cutting up of fallen trees, and helped out on the western heights where the caravans had been trashed. The barracks itself was quite badly hit, and there was a lot of cleaning up to do!
  3. Unfortunately dont have any pics, but more info for you. I was in training regiment with 55 Sqn at Gibraltar Barracks, Farnborough at the time of the storm. We were called off our final exercise to go help out with the clear up effort around the area, was a while ago so the memories are a wee bit sketchy, all i remember is a lot of chainsaws, machettes, fallen trees and woodchips.

    Maybe someone else with a better memory can help out
  4. Congratulations are in order for you reaching the shortlist for Student Online Journalist of the Year. Shame you lost out to Jack from Cumbria, better luck next year.

    As for the story in hand, I can't help as I was in Germany at the time, but recall it being a bit windy.
  5. I'm with Micheal Fish ... I'm sure there was no great storm of '87.
  6. I wish I could help, but I was shagging a bird in Kingston that was one of those "did the earth move for you?" moments...
  7. Will I be interviewed by Kaddy??
  8. I was at school you old gits! :D
  9. Is this for school coursework ;)
  10. Maybe, but Kat had just been born (or perhaps, was about to be).
  11. i was in trap 1 pirbright in 87
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  13. chimera

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    Check your PM

  14. Makes me a real old git on here then

    Was at RSME doing my sparky course as we had just finished our overhead lines part.
    3 courses worked with SEEB (South East Electricity Board) putting up overhead lines for a couple of weeks.
    2 courses did actual work putting up OHL with WRAC drivers from Chattendean providing the transport
    The 3rd course acted as a comms centre I believe in Brompton Brks

    Lots of drinkys and a thankyou held at the end in SEEB's bar
  15. Wish I could be of service also, unfortunately when you had your Great Storm of 87, I was in the Falkland Islands, similar in many ways to the Great Storm due to the constant wind down there but a tad different due to the lack of trees to be blown down 8O ...