The Great South Run - 25th October 2009 - Portsmouth

The Great South Run is.....

  • For wimps....10 miles in the howling rain ? Tchah!

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  • A new one on me, like marrer!

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  • A great opportunity to harass Hugh Dennis

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  • A great opportunity to perv at lycra clad hotties

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  • A great opportunity to catch pneumonia

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  • A laugh and a chance to raise some cash for a good cause.

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Book Reviewer
Now then,

Who else is running this ?

I know Ventress did it last year but he's getting a bit long in the tooth now and......

.dolly - you on ?

Arrse runners so far and their charity:

Goatman - running for British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association (BLESMA) -

roll up, roll up,

Lee Shaver
Goats, old boy! :D

Funnily enough only a couple of weeks ago I was enjoying a fond reminisce about our run last year in torrential rain/the maniacal laughs/mud/running the last mile with my toes scrunched up so my shoe didn't fall off because I didn't want to stop and tie the lace/steaming/cafe stop afterwards/the ferry back to the car........ so looked on the webby only to see entries are closed.


Book Reviewer
Ventress said:
I will be there, GM, cheeky ba$tard!!
tee hee :D knew you would running for anyone or just for the 'L' of it ?

.Dolly - shame I shall not have the pleasure of attempting to keep up with you.

The entries closed in May I think....surprisingly popular race down here on the palm-fringed South Coast riviera....if it doesn't rain I'll eat my old New Balance 854s......

Wheezed my way around the New Forest Half yesterday in beautiful sunny weather by way of a practice legs may be in good enough shape to do the Great South by the end of October !

(Big up to Sharon the payroll manager from Fareham Crusaders - cracking time for your first half.....sprint for line HARDER next year!)

Last year, a bunch of guys from Pompey-based 3 PWRR pushed a Landrover around the Great South course to raise money for H4H - any other Arrsers up for a re-run in 2009?

Don Cabra


Book Reviewer
Roll Up Roll and Ventress CANNOT be the only Arrsers doing this - there are 21,000 entrants !

Hugh Dennis is running for Alzheimer's Society.

Blue Peter chick Helen Skelton for Leonard Cheshire Disability.

Bunch of ITV soapers running for CLIC....anyone else?

Oh, and to my sadness the Goddess of British Athletics will not be present , having casually knocked several minutes off her own PB in last year's event.

Course record still held by Sonia O'Sullivan though I believe - eat yer heart out Paula ! [11 seconds adrift]

(PLEASE can we have a sunshiney Autumn day....just this ONCE.....Lord, I'll give up alcohol for LENT if you deliver :D )


Book Reviewer
<< BUMP >>

Ventress said:
You know it will pi$$ down and be blowing a gale down Eastney front.
I am sacrificing a number of young virgins before an altar of Apollo in the hope that the eternal Pompey drizzle stays away for 2 hours......fat chance....

See you at Broadchalke ?

Goaty and Ventress best of luck to you both on Sunday, I can feel the rain and the pain already :D

Readers, sling a quid into this pot please. You know it makes sense. (Oh and leave your message in a large font so the old codger doesn't have to find his glasses ;) )


Book Reviewer
Thanks .dolly

Got YOUR specs handy ?

( this old codger is still limber enough to put you across his knee whippersnapper......a new fundraising idea...Pay Per Spank ! Roll Up, Roll Up !! )

Ventress, got the RBL 12 by 12 sorted yet ?

Does anyone know if there is a single Service charity with a tent in the Village ?

Good luck this morning Goaty and Ventress, looks like the rain might hold off so get those old daps revved up and shift yer 'arris.

Spare a thought and a pound for Goaty running the Great South for those who can't so well these days: BLESMA.


Book Reviewer
Thanks for the bump .dolly - HUZZA!

" Made it Ma! ( maniacal giggle ) Top of the World! (BOOOOOOOM!!) "

Didn't manage to to meet Ventress on account of he would have been up the front there somewhere, being a good-for-age racing snake and all .........looks like I'm having an alcohol -free Lent - the sun shone all the way round.......sacrificing virgins seems to work :)

The 47 AD Regt lads were back tugging that Landy around again....heard them crossing the line not long after me.......I also heard the good folk up at Solihull have asked can they please pull a Toyota Hilux next year instead :)

Big hello to the tailoress from RM Poole - the only other person I saw wearing a BLESMA shirt....lads, she was doing you proud and has raised over £2K for BLESMA which is really good going.

Daft comment of the day: ' There are too many people!'
from a hyped up jockanese top totty as she hurtled past dodging spectators at about mile 1.5......uh - it's flat fast course on the South Coast with an estimated 20,000 runners - what did she expect exactly ???
rather nice arrse thobut.....

Didn't spot any celebrities.....quite a few guys from 3PWRR with Highlander' on their shirts running in rig......quite a few Help for Heroes runners time 1:35 ish so not too dusty.....

Thanks to all who bothered to visit my Justgiving the rest, there's till time!

....and finally, a massive thanks to the Portsmouth Samba - who yet again, gave me a real lift around Mile 7.....good work guys and gals....where do I sign up ?


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