The Great RE Takeover

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Flying Felix, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Some of you may remember that I referred to the current situation at the school as a typical business hostile take over. Well now that the first phase is done and dusted (purchase company – DEMSS moving from DCLPA to RSME). The second phase has started: place your own people in jobs of influence and power.

    The WO CMD/BCMD post has appeared in the RE WO postings plot, to be filled this Jun.

    I know that many of you IEDD gods will be saying that CMD WO is not an influential post nor an appointment of any power but it is the start of things to come.

    I would like to know who decided this change and why the hell they thought it was perfectly acceptable not to tell anybody at the school.

    Phase three will be to change the standards and working practices to so that they are more favourable to your people (more RE passing HT course).

    Phase four, now that you have changed the bits of the company (DEMSS K) that you want (EOD) sell off the parts that you don’t want (Storage, Systems, AR, Ammo Storeman, AMANDA, etc given back to DCLPA).

    As for the idea that the AT trade will move to the RE – Sorry to burst your bubble guys but you are being too optimistic, as far as they are concerned they just don’t need us. Within a few years they will believe that they have the full EOD capability. We know that they won’t and nobody will listen but that is not going to change things.
  2. Body armour by the lowest bidder springs to mind.
  3. The RE are finally picking off the bits they've always wanted ever since the RAOC started IEDD on Op Banner and I recall being verbally lambasted in the late 80's for daring to ask the then DLSA a question about the future relationship between the trade and the RE's! Seems my (and the prophesy of others) is finally happening.

    Although I'm outside now and only an onlooker, One of the major challenges facing the trade as I see it is the RE have Generals in copious amounts - the AT/ATO Trade has a Colonel who is incorporated into an RE chain of command anyway! I Wonder how long it will be before 11 becomes a pure EOD Regiment and washes it's hands completely of all the Inspectorate functions?

    Meanwhile, the idea of RSME picking off the EOD function at DEMSS K and binning the rest to DCPLA has a high credibility factor with a number of civilians along with those remaining functions moving to the new DCLPA site once Blackdown is closed!

    As for me, I'm jumping ship (again!) so I'll watch it all from a distance with a tear in my eye as IEDD/CMD etc become an RE Trade with capbadge and the Ammunition Technician becomes an "Ammunition Specialist" dealing with everything else. I sincerely pray that I am 100% wrong but I'm not prepared to bet on it.

    Thinking of RE's and IED. I recall serving in the BAOR Ammo Insp at Herford in the 70's when two RE SNCO's came a-calling, wearing AT Badges on the lower right arm. When questioned by a gathering of WO's they claimed that as they had done and passed some particular course where they had done a bit of IED, they were entitled to wear the AT Badge! The badges were still pinned to the SAT's board behind his desk when I left in 1977!
  4. Any suggestion of an RE takeover is about as ridiculous as the idea that the posts of CGS and AG would both be filled by Sappers.

  5. RMG. Sadly too much of your analysis seems accurate and you have been close enough to see it at first hand.

    My only significant disagreement with what you say is about the future of 11 EOD Regt RLC. I fear that if it is going to retain the "RLC" bit of its title then it will have to lose the title "EOD" and the role. One of the architects of the trade demise insisted some years ago that the Squadrons stopped using the title "EOD" so that we reflected the importance of supporting the green army. Loss of EOD alltogether will be the natural conclusion and will delight those that have always despised and criticised the "EOD Gurus"
  6. Herrumph - no delight or despising from here - but I have to agree with FF - the future of the AT trade remains 'confused' whereas the Sappers have an aim and will resource the desired outcome. As for the future of 11 - I suspect the EOD bit is safe, I would have concerns over the RLC bit. There is a study ongoing into how to create multifunctional EOD/Insp/ Search units - when more than 50% of the bodies are RE, what price RLC CO?

    No one has yet said what the 'usp' for ATs is if there are other (RAF, RE) passing HT? Until we spell that out in a convincing way (ie eight years of preventing normal ammo does not go pop until needed followed, at no extra cost, by full EOD capability) why ATs are vital, we will continue to fight the wrong battle. NO ONE CARES that ATs have been doing it for ages - the senior gang see a massive overinvestment cf a Sapper, RAF Armr or anyone else. The trade needs to convince people that AT = EOD + MID + Ammo care + Int + trials + etc et etc. Focus on the final stage of an ATs career plants the seed (in the G3 mind) that it is 'just a course' so anyone could do it.

    As for the RE picking off bits they alwatys wanted - actually it is a defence level decision to widen the pool as the MoD view is that our corps of 16000 was not providing enough people -no point whining, that is what it looked like from the centre, so the powers that be directed action. Had the trade been prepared to review whether what it was doing was STILL RELEVANT (ie a Q4 moment) we might still be in with a shout.
  7. Serious question, why not group all services EOD/AT/ bomb doctoring trickery pokery into one establishment, under one capbadge.

    Give it a fancy sexy name like EOC (Explosive ordnance corp).

  8. Will the RE WO be re-trained prior to appointment? RE CMD drills are very different to ATs and in some respects dangerous. I could see the benefits of an RE SNCO being posted in and then taking his new knowledge back to Chatham but a CMD WO post is too influential.
  9. I was thinking the same but hadn't dug in deep enough to consider posting it.
  10. At best you could combine RE and RLC assets but very unlikely that such an organisation could encompass all three services given the complexities of tasks of RN Clearance Divers and RAF Armourers. Besides which and speaking purely from an RE perspective, Sappers do not generally join the Corps to become EOD operators; unlike AT trade, it is a posting and consequent qualification rather than a trade. I remember when this was being bandied about before and most that I knew would prefer to stay badged RE as Combat Engineers rather than re badge as 'EOD Corps'.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Got it in one. When push came to shove the AT/ATO trade could not deliver enough teams to service the operational need, and there were too many "old school" who were not willing to see that the landscape had changed. Hence heads cracked together, the DEOC programme, RE and RAF EOD qualifying through to Advanced level (and if they have passed the course why not?), Destroy operators, etc. Result: more people on the ground doing things at the level to which they are trained.

    RLC is still heading up the LF EOD Branch which sets the operational standards.
  12. Don't worry FF, getting an RE WO into the branch will free you up to complete the KNOWN THREAT course.
  13. Dinger

    If you're on about the HT, I'll already on it after Easter.

    But I have found out that the whole thing has been a wind up.
  14. EOD within RLC is an anacronism,from the takeover of the old RAOC.Given the present reduction in our Forces,it seems sensible that the knowledge gathered by all EOD type organisations,be gathered in the right place(singular).Where that place should be,I can only speculate.
  15. Which bit - you on known threat (it's not HT) or the wedgeWO thing?