The Great Outdoors Challenge...

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gundulph, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone applied for this and been accepted? if so, what route did you take and how many days did you take?

    The Great Outdoors Challenge
  2. That looks good. Wonder if there is any chance of Military support through the Adv Trg route.

    Although it looks a bit tame compared to :

    Death Race

    Which was completed by a Sapper (Staffy) from BATUS. (I won't be attempting to emulating that feat!)
  3. Gundulph, I'd love to have a crack at that. Although you can only apply through the magazine entry form, and the forms have to been in today! Have you got a space? Want another on your team? ;-)
  4. jesus H christ!

    Cheat Death? I can't even cheat the feckin Tax man!

    edited due to extreame mongness
  5. Sorry flowers, I only just came across it so am also too late for this! will certainly apply for next years, I've done 2 West Highland Ways so far with a combined time of 11 days for the two, the first was in 4 days and the second as a strawberry mivvie in a more leisurely 7 days and actually saw the saw the scenery that time rather than the few metres of ground ahead of my feet the whole way!

    Will check that Death Race thingy in a minute. The Sappers recently have made some achievements, have you seen the 'stickied' Commando-Joe Teams efforts in the Sappers forum yet? 8O