The Great Lessons Thread

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm intending this thread to be not much more than a list of great lessons that either you yourself have taught of that you have been taught, so that there is a list that you can pick through for ideas.

    Try to keep the "yeah I had that one it was great" comments to a minimum, as they will just clutter up the thread.

    Any questions?

    Didn't think so!

    T C

    (But seriously, any questions?)
  2. Don't eat yellow snow

    Quite an important lesson and it only takes ten seconds to deliver.
  3. Before trying to do something better than someone else, ask them if they've tried it your way before.
  4. Experience is great but it's better to learn by somebody else's mistakes.
  5. Yeah, I didn't elaborate. I ment lessons that you'd be given or taught on a drill night.

    T C
  6. Particularly fond of 'Turnings at the Halt'
  7. Rifle drill at the halt. Sounds great when all the timing comes together. Used to teach the complete sequence from start to finish with the one word of command. Oh to see the smiles on their little faces when they got it right. :)
  8. SLR lessons 1-6 were very good (great may be an overstatement), though having read the book later, I think I prefer literature to theatre.

    (Still don't quite grasp the idea behind this thread, now had it been "what have you been taught that's not in the book.....").
  9. The only leason I learnt on drill night was that I'm sh!te at drill.
  10. Gone offline pretty quickly.

    ITD's, reckon the 'other ones' i.e. the ones with videos are a PVR magnet. How about a gallop through Moral understanding, equal Opps 'All isms are bullying, bullies are not tolerated', LOAC (see 1-3 ins left), rules of engagement in 40 mins? Joined up writing and makes sense (throw in a few historical examples ref rape and pillage/ surrender or storming of fortresses).

    BATCO for beginners. Not 'I know a secret' etc, but quick explanation about how codes developed e.g. Julius Caeser, explanation of alpha numeric etc, and break down of card. 1 hr to sending and receiving, inc C/S and changing vocab cards. (Done RSO twice, so obviously c*cked up in this or the previous life!).

    Best lessons been in - bloke who 'was there' who gave the official explanation, then told it as it really was. i.e. total confusion, making decisions and the plan being followed. Most believable? The ones who admitted they were scared.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Best presentation on JOTAC: the old boy from Malaysia. He had been there and done it - Platoon Commander aged 19.

    Flip side: the worst presentation was from the SAS - f**king dull and added nothing.
  12. Don`t believe the Guy at the recruiting offfice! Took me 12 Years to learn that lesson! :D
  13. Ah, presentations - not lessons.

    Ok, the best ever was by a military historian chappie (from Sandhurst?) who went through the re-taking of the Falklands. All the media stories went out the window. This was the hard and fast facts, ccok-ups, flukes and bravery. I forget what the intention of the lecture was, but the presentation and content was so brilliant that I suspect that the lesson was taught subliminally. There was no sensation of being taught or pounded with information, yet the data relating to what happened, what should have happened and don't-fall-into-the-same-traps remains, several years on.
  14. A DAF DROPS dosent bounce off trees like a Bedford TK does...... An important lesson well learnt by the TP 2ic when he decided to set up a harbour area in a forest.......

    Seriously though, was once on the Becons doing a 'jolly' providing transport and drivers for a regs sniper course, a SAS SSGT taught me in four minutes how to test and eat wild mushrooms without seeing flying purple elephants and/or killing yourself, not an important lesson in life as I tend to buy my mushrooms from ASDA, but it was delevered taught and comprehended, imagne some guys you know trying to deliver it.... he then told me to drive back to HQ as he will walk, he then yomped off into the mist...... never to be seen again, I was later told its was the ghost of.... actualy I saw him at dinner time two hours later :)
  15. My favourite lessons have to be the video's that we get. We had one video that looked as though it was from the early 90's that was hilarious.

    The video begins with a group of guys in a bar and one spots this bird at the bar and goes and chats her up, then when she gets up and goes to the loo his mate comes up and warns him that it's the senior's wife.

    The video proceeds to ask a question regarding morals with lots of stupid answers like 'ring her husband whilst he's out on patrol' lol I loved that video!