The Great Escape

How did that dog escape - see the answer

We had a MP dog in Cyprus. Civilian claimed he had been walking past stores depot and the dog jumped on himand inflicted serious injury. The dog walk was alongside a 10' fence and the mutt would have had to get over that. All claimed impossible until I put a suit on and repeated the civvy's walk. Bloody dog too a run at the fence and scrambled over easy as pie. Turned out he was a transfer from Canal Zone and handlers there taught them this handy trick.


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On a Falklands tour soon after the war, I was ordered to apologise to one of the (deleted) landlords who was demanding compensation for sheep that had escaped through gates left open by soldiers driving BV206s. I thought my lads had been quite good about looking after the gates and fences, but we were obviously the only suspects for miles around. I met the farmer by one of the gates in question. After I'd dutifully apologised on behalf of HMG, we sat and admired the view over San Carlos. At that point, a section of sheep bimbled up to the gate. One after the other, they dropped to the ground and wriggled through the 6" gap at the bottom of the gate like a line of woolly commandos. The last sheep - a fat bugger - had two attempts at getting under the gate, then took a run up and managed to get her front legs over. A mad scramble, thrashing legs, and what looked like a painful landing, and the sheep was over. I withdrew HMG's apologies....

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