The Great British Public

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mephisto, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. I'm really not sure where to put this and so apologies if it's in totally the wrong forum.

    The other day I was in Tesco. One of those enormous ones! There's a woman who works in there who's worked there for years and has known me for a similar amount of time. I don't go in there much these days, always afraid of bumping into my wife and upsetting her somehow!

    The other day I went in there for something and this woman came up and said hallo, said she'd heard about what happened to me and how was I etc. All very benign and fine.

    This other shopper, a man, must have overheard what we were talking about. I didn't say anything specific, just talked mostly about my leg and that sort of thing.

    I went to walk off with my trolley and this man who'd been earwigging came up and spat at me. :eek: I was stunned and just stared at him in surprise. He then started spouting off about how it was all my own fault, we shouldn't be in Iraq etc. etc. (you know the rest!) and then he walked off.


    He never asked me where I'd served or what my opinions about any of it were. He just spat at me.

    This probably sounds ridiculous to most of you, I mean, who cares? Stupid man etc. But it really shocked me. I honestly didn't know how to respond (I'm ok with the 'I was in the SAS-types down the pub as I happily laugh at them but this was something else.

    Is this what the great British public really think of us then? :(
  2. I would say that apart from the obvious answer, ie the guy is an industrial - grade c*ck, he sounds like the local window licker externalising his own deep-seated f*ck ups.
  3. Yes, I agree with you mostly but a friend of mine posted my justgiving marathon link on another website and got very similar responses (toned down versions) - ie I had the choice as to whether to get injured or not - um, ok.

    It just makes me wonder about a lot of things.
  4. I don't think that is the general opinion of the public to be honest, I was at a wedding in the East of England a couple of weeks ago in uniform, between the ceremony and the reception we stopped in a pub and were lashed up good and proper, the whole pub joined in and it was actually quite a sobering affair. I was surprised how little many civvies know about the forces, they asked some bone questions but were incredibly supportive and respectful, God bless the people of Peterborough!

    With regard to the knob who spat at you I would say play him at his own game, a good kicking might have been in order although reporting the incident to the police, asking the manager for a copy of the security tape as proof and then getting the dick a criminal record for common assault may serve the purpose. :wink:
  5. Mephisto, i am an ordinary member of the public who does not believe we should be there, but i thought i would just write to say i am absolutely disgusted with this man's actions and thoughts. Not all think like that, i hope, and next year may be relying on good people like yourself to defend his rights to be able to walk down his street in safety.

    Please do not get too bovvered by one tw@t like that. I may not agree with being there but like many i support all of you who do go.
  6. Thanks for that busta. However, I really do think that many people DO think like this (as I've said in my last post about the other website). Strange thing is, no-one ever bothers to ask what OUR opinions are before saying this stuff. I have my own views on Iraq but, when push comes to shove, you do your job.
  7. he's scum - and I bet he's a labour voter ... I've got one like that in the office. Somehow the british army are the ones at fault for Iraq/'Stan... not labour! :?

    If it makes you feel any better ... consider that the knut will try that sh!t on someone who then puts his teeth down his throat.
  8. I work for Tesco myself, Section Manager, I see all sorts of crap all day, it amazes me how customers act while they are shopping, when they have trolleys in there hands they can be more dangerous than WMD lol

    Would have shacked your hand bought you a drink if you'd have come in to my store

  9. No. Just a knob. If you've been on public order duties you'll have had worse.

    I know it's hard when it happens in your own backyard, but shake it off and forget about it. Life's too short.
  10. I guess it depends where you are in your head when it happens. I do tend to take things personally, that's true. But I also don't find these things so easy to shrug off. I could deal with it whilst still in but, on the outside, it feels totally different.
  11. Ditto. The man's an idiot who can't make the simple distinction:

    1. British foreign policy mistakes.

    2. Those charged with implementing them.

    There's an argument that the forces are needed to protect normal people from idiots like him...
  12. Firstly, the bod's scum - end of.

    Secondly, Tesco has pretty good CCTV as a lot of the above go there, this was common assult, get a copy, go to plod and have said scum charged (you so know they would do it if a squaddie in uniform spat at them!).


    Thirdly, you know where he shops, 'natural justice' anyone?


    Finally, am I alone in having more respect for our enimy in the field than our great British public at large......
  13. Scum deserves a 4x2 over the head
  14. Well youve got more restraint than I have, probably would have lamped him one if he spat on me (or if I saw him spit on someone in uniform nearby)
    Note that kind of scum is not representative of the majority of British public, most are supportive and respect our lads, I just think the media puts some real bad spin on it.
  15. no im sure it isnt a recent mori pol put almost 80 per cent of the public have strong support for the forces, you sadly met one of those sad morons who thankfully are a small minority