The Great British Public

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_butler, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. scene in a cafe near Bournmouth earlier today:

    An old lady walks into the cafe looking stressed.....

    old lady: Has anyone seen a parcel anywhere?

    Man at table with family: Here it is luv I thought it was a bomb.(laughs)

    Alert enough to notice
    Informed enough to think it might be a bomb
    Just couldn't be arsed to do anything about it
    God bless the british public
  2. Yes, all too common. But remember these are the same people who would bitch about security not being tight enough if there was an incident and they or someone from their family were injured.

    Everyone wants all the advantages from society but don't want to face up to the responsibilities.
  3. to be fair though the liklihood of a misplaced parcel actually being a bomb trends towards zero especially considering the location, although granted slim consolation if it had gone boom...
  4. It's allways somebody elses job or responsibility.

    never understimate the power of 'It'll never happen to me'
  5. never understimate the power of 'It'll never happen to me'

    Surely that's what most Government policy is based on? Certainly defence.....
  6. I've often thought about blowing Bournemouth up
  7. I'd pay to see Bournemouth blow up. it's a shithole.
  8. Bournemouth is definately up there as a potential target, along with The Palace of Westminster and The Pentagon.
  9. stupid civvies? if you get bored, read about the David Copeland (right wing moron) bombs against brick lane, Admiral Duncan pub etc.

    First bomb - man opens holdall, realises it contains a bomb. Picks it up and moves it to safety! i.e. a big metal bin. Homeless person sees the new bag, so carefully removes bomb from bag, puts bomb back in bin and walks off with brand new Head bag. handed it in to police after when bomb goes off, forensics goldmine.

    Second bomb the next week - man finds it, realises it is another bomb. Picks it up, puts it in boot of his car and drives to police station with it! When he goes in to tell police he has a bomb in his car, it explodes and destroys his car.

    Eejits. If it was NI, locals would have had 200m cordon in and mine tape up within minutes. Or just defused it themselves, known that to happen once on a CWIED in about '98... :lol:
  10. Is there a Nando's in Mecca? Theres one in Bournemouth. Yummy!
  11. Manchester Rogue

    That is not an acceptable comment.
  12. I was in Westminster few months ago, in the pub on the corner between Whitehall and Westminster tube station...obviously full of Civil Servants and Politicians (I was just meeting a mate there and then onto somewhere else) when I noticed a holdall by a table and nobody seemed to be near it or as if it belonged to them, so I tapped the bloke nearest to me who was with a few others on the shoulder and asked if it was any of theirs - it wasn't and they just went back to their drinks, so I asked another group and got same reaction, not one looked concerned or remotely arrsed about it. I was just about to tell the barman when some suited half wit came into the pub, looking a bit agitated and laughed (!) as he grabbed his holdall saying he forgot it... I didn't know whether to make the comment that their security awareness was pi$$ poor or that it was no wonder that confidential MOD/ Politician's info goes missing all the time!!!!
  13. Back in the early 80's, i was shopping in a busy shopping mall and there was a bomb scare, the police had cordoned an area of it off and the P.A speakers were telling people to evacuate the mall. All was obeyed apart from 1 little old lady who was arguing that she simply must get a loaf and to let her pass. After shouting that ' them bloody jerry bombs didnt hit me in the war so that Ian bloody Parsley ( thats how she said it) has no right blowing decent folk up ' the policeman put his hand on her arm to physically lead her away for which he was promptly smacked round the chops soundly with her handbag and told to ' get your hooliganising hands off me you little bugger' We all stood and watched the entertainment, the bomb drama was nothing on

    the 'bomb' upon being exploded turned out to be a box of fish!!!!
  14. I can still remember back to the late 80's, a squaddie was out shopping returned to his car to find a suspect box under it, so he informed the plod's who then came and found it to be an empty shoe box.

    I also remember other's that wern't as lucky. :(

    As to the GBP. forget most, especially those sheep that have sucumed to the PC. majority. They remind me of one of Kippling's poem's.

  15. We responded to a suspicious package at the court house in Omagh, stood aroud for a while, then one of the RUCs finest said '"sod this for a game of soldiers", went up to it and gave it a boot! False alarm that time, thank God!