The Great Barry Butlins Adventure

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by taxiforabawbag, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi folks.

    Did you, or do you know some well ard squaddie :twisted: Who survived and escaped the gap trg at barry buddon.

    The memories are fresh in my mind. Show parades, The friendly Naafi manager( what the feck were those braces all about). The delightfull weather. :roll:

    Or what about the rlc corporal who sat on his shiny ar$e for the week. what a SADSACK :wink:.
  2. Could be worse, there was this one A & SH Cpl who was a bawbag all week!!!!!!!!!!

    Get it up yi!!!!!!!
  3. Get it right up YE!!!!
  4. After todays interesting revelations one of the threads. All gossip about the 9 day Gap trg at RTC and Barry Buddon should be fired in hear.

    Also the planned outing in Glasgow may be put off until later in the month. :cry:
  5. agreed,

    i think much punishment should be dished out!!!!!!
  6. You obviously didnt make it into the Ferry if you think thats bad!
  7. Yeah it could be worse, you could be a FEB fae Embra!
  8. now now Liz, no need to be nasty lol!!!!!!!

    Monifieth was as far as some people made it!!!!!!!
  9. poor result - you lot need to remember that there is a reputation to be protected!
  10. will take that on board for the next time liz!!!!!
  11. Aye some made it to 8O space city 8O , while others were kept in camp :lol:

    Nae luck Sadsacks :wink:
  12. thanks for the reminder bawbag!!!!!

    Glasgow, saturday???? The man from DelMonte say yes!
  13. Sounds Good.

    Send me a warning order with timings
  14. Thats after the Medi thingy on Sat?, if not I'm telling....I know where you live & have got Google earth!
  15. What medi thing. :?

    You can't see my cave through google earth. I have wrapped it in tinfoil 8O