The Great ARRSE Outage 2018


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Obviously after a Liberal dose of this the site returned to normal

I resorted to some work and getting banned from a lot of fb groups for being sweary at stupid cünts.
discovered many wonderful new websites to peruse and enjoy

Second that, you tube threw up the very best of Rich Hall, taking the piss out of his fellow countrymen, and the occasional pop at us Brits, a very underrated comedian. Several 90 minute documentaries, from the U.S. and some shorter ones filmed up on a loch in Scotland, again taking the piss out of us limeys, very funny, and almost true.
Surprisingly Arrse is working via Tapatalk too.

All this nonsense: br/.... Coding marlarky is still on going but well done @admin for getting back online.

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Good CO's mum walked in on him spanking his Monkey to Pornhub vids.

He hit the wrong key in his haste to delete the evidence and wiped his ARRSE out.

The clumsy ****.
Good CO, put a bit of tape on the spy thingy that's on the top of your lap top screen,
some pervert is looking in on you :rolleyes:
The poor bloke only wanted to know if you wanted your ringpiece bleaching.

But don't forget the Orientals often get their L's mixed up with their R.s, so he could have meant "does she want her ringpiece BREACHED", which is a whole different game :).

Anyway, thank f**k the sites back on line. You don't know just how much you miss it until its not there. The banter and it has to be said, the useful information which turns up, not forgetting watching certain posters tie themselves in knots when they get thwarted & proved to be idiots.
Talk about sharp intake of breath :eek:
Two days I went on all 3 of my thingys
Just in case you understand glad your back
You unutterable bastards. No ARRSE for two days.
Productivity rates in several businesses and QMs stores in particular dramatically improved for the latter half of this week, records unearthed by future academics will show.
watched a C130 out of Brize head North, loop round and return to Brize - all the time showing a heading of 275.
It didn't loop around, then - they merely reversed the blade pitch and RTB'd backwards.
It didn't loop around, then - they merely reversed the blade pitch and RTB'd backwards.
Except 275 is just a touch north of West, so according to its transponder virtually the whole trip was flown sideways - piggin' Crabs!
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