The Great ARRSE Cake Walk

I'm sure many of you are now aware that Dingerr has taken a knock out in Afghanistan and is now living it up in Selly Oak. If you weren't aware this is a heads up for you:

Dingerr on Dingerr

BigBird came up with the idea of an ARRSE cake:

bigbird67 said:
make a fook off big cake in the shape of an arrse for dingerr....complete with coconut tobacco hair around the ring (a red fruit polo?), and spots made of red smarties?? oooh and crumbled flake on the cake board for clankers??
Wishing to show are solidarity with our own Dingerr but also aware that there are many Dingerrs both in Selly Oak and at Headley Court we thought it might be a good idea to bake two cakes and pass them from ARRSEr to ARRSEr on their journey.

The idea is that anyone wishing to transport the cake over roughly 10 miles (we hope) should put the first part of their postcode down. After we have found sufficient volunteers we'll work out two routes, one, a Southern one, will take a cake to Headley Court the other, Northern one will send a cake to Selly Oak. Each ARRSEr carrying the cake may put a message on the cakebox.

To kick things off:

Markintime HU16

Edited to add I work in L18, so I would be 'appy to parade it round Liverpool.

Not sure if my Glass Back could stand a 10 mile walk carrying an Arse shaped cake.
duckula said:, STD....

Oh I see, BH20 (jeez, thats such a give-away)
Too show solidarity with your "jeez, that's such a give-away" .....
...... I'm also BH20. But we could be miles apart. 8O
I'd be happy to walk with you. :D (I'm wondering whether the dog is up to a 10 miler?)
But we wouldn't have the cake? if it's going to be 15 miles north of us?
Last time I volunteered to make a cake with all the fondant icing, it got to be a bit of a burden for me :oops: ..... but it was kinda large.
When's this taking place, then? Markintime?

(Sorry about the volume of drivel ..... but it's bumped the thread.)
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