The Great 2018 ARRSE Upgrade

As you may have realised, there is a major upgrade of ARRSE planned. This will take us from the current version of the core software (Xenforo 1.5.x) to the latest version (Xenforo 2.0.x). This offers sufficient enhancements to make it worth doing but also allows us to rationalise/improve/reset bits of the site that don't work as they should (yes ad redirects I'm looking at you!).

If you'd like to know more about XF 2 then you can find out the details by clicking here.

Good CO and myself have now decided on a date that this will happen which is Friday 26 Jan.

Those of you who have experienced ARRSE upgrades in the past will know that this is unlikely to be a seamless and professional transition with everything working exactly as it should from the word go. Rather in the manner of a good British military operation it will all be a bit incoherent and slightly amateur. Features and elements are likely to be missing/not working and slowly re-appear over the following hours/days/months as we try and bring them online. We've been working on a test site but this has been far from exhaustive so it is inevitable that there will be issues with the production version. Both of us will be online for most of Fri/Sat/Sun trying to get everything sorted.

So what can you do? Well the most important thing is to please be patient with us. This isn't a full time job for either of us and we have real lives with jobs, wives & children who mainly view ARRSE as a barely tolerated and incredibly disruptive presence in their lives.

It is also hoped that you appreciate that change does happen and please not object too much. Thinks may look and work differently so I'd ask you to give it a chance. ARRSE wasn't always like this so we have been through this before!

We will however be keen to consider points that are made and explain and/or change as required.

Wish us luck!
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Bring back old arrse, I don't like this new one... there I said it first


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I remember when it was all electrons round here.
I might spend the weekend in the pub keeping my fingers crossed that it works out better than the recruiting system.
Best of luck to our gallant Admins.

As long as it looks like this it'll be reet .

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