The Gravy Train rolls on

....and one again, Britain don't even get the congealed crust.

Nice one Beloved Leader (May he live etc etc) So much for your high powered team who were going to get Britain considered on major projects.

US firms win more Iraq contracts

The US Defense Department has awarded seven Iraq reconstruction contracts worth a total of about $130m (£72.3m) to consortia of US firms.
The contracts cover management projects in six sectors ranging from oil to electricity and are part of a package worth $5bn.

Payment will come out of the $18.6bn in funds for Iraq set aside by the US.

Companies from nations that opposed the war in Iraq were not allowed to bid for these contracts

Nothing like making friends and influencing people.

No British firms won in the latest round, but the UK government pointed out that some work will be handled by the UK offices of the victorious US bidders.

"These contract awards will bring jobs and economic benefits to the UK economy," the Department of Trade & Industry said.

In a brief statement, the DTI said US engineer Foster Wheeler has "offices in Reading from where they already do a lot of business in the Middle East".

You pathetic spineless weasels. Department of Tosspots and Ingrates more like. Tell me DTI , how many squids worth of grant money will be going towards servicing these contracts from the Exchequer?

GAH! :twisted:

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