The Graun is about to do a hatchet job on the armed forces and is looking for ammo...


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Send them a link to this website. There’s enough evidence here to send the Secretary of State to jail for the rest of the Cenezoic Era.
I think the army has done that well enough by itself.

3 PARA in particular is leading the way in its D&I culture...
What has your experience as a BAME person been like of the armed forces?*

Excellent, by joining the British Army, I was given the chance to meet people of all cultures, races, nations, political & religious beliefs...... & shoot at 'em
My excellent experiences as a lesbian transgender muslim rasta who self identified as a small town in Croatia have been shared. I hope it helps their not at all agenda driven bollocks
Let's all swamp the Grauniad site self identifying as BAME and all have positive stories of banging Aldershot slags, whores in Paderborn and generally being jack the lads.
Well that didn't take long to fill in. My only complaint was Sodexo not serving fried chicken and water melon on a daily basis........


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Well that didn't take long to fill in. My only complaint was Sodexo not serving fried chicken and water melon on a daily basis........
Just as long as you get your corn bread and grits all is well!


Every single person on the planet could tell you a story of someone in their lives that treated them poorly and to different extents. Whether it be a Dad that hit them, an older brother that did, someone at school who bullied them, a boss or co-worker who treated them poorly etc etc.

Just because they are classed as a minority, whatever minority that may be, doesn’t mean that it was because of that reason, ********** will be ********** and bullies will be bullies no matter what. They will find a reason to bully and be a ********* by singling out whatever trait the victim has that they could get a rise out of or just make them feel bad about something they have hang ups about whether it be their sexuality, their skin colour, their looks, their weight, their family set up, their accent, etc.

What the world doesn’t need is a race baiting journalist or newspaper fishing for controversial stories which can only create more divide between minorities and non-minorities. Though they may think they are on some sort of righteous crusade there have been plenty cases of bullying that have gone on in the army in its history, so why only single out he BAME victims as all that will do is fan the flames between BAME and non-BAME and can only create more division and hostility, so by doing this they are causing racial tension and stirring up hatred.

After all, the Army has worked very hard to get rid of bullying and become and equal opportunities employer and has purposely sought out more BAME recruits to better reflect this new modern multicultural country.

So go down the road of race baiting and create more division or, if you really want cases of bullying sorted, then seek out victims in general and not just BAME victims.


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I like the Guardian. Very absorbant.

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