The Grassy Knoll, London

OK, a fairly liquid lunch I admit, but imagine the scenario...

You have an untraceable sniper weapon and an absolutely watertight alibi... but just one round... so who gets it?

I can't quite decide between the Bliar and the Broon... you?

All in a virtual reality and all quite hypothetical of course!!!
Wait for them to get in a car together and get the driver.
Do Brown, Blairs on his way down already!
sapper_steve said:
I don't think politician's answers are playing by the rules of this game- so no magic bullet either crabtastic!
Damn, I was hoping the bullet was going to be like the one explained in JFK, in which case I could have got the Wide Mouthed Frog, Hoon AND Mandelson too! :twisted:


I can see future generations using this thread for a mutiple shooter hypothesis :twisted:
Osama perhaps? Although it wouldnt solve many problems, it would be a fantastic propaganda coup
Time to put this one out of its misery, shurely



[align=center]Make me PM....I'll solve all the world's problems...

...Just like that!!!!

Paul Daniels, eat you heart out....[/align]

[align=center](dang got my magicians mixed up...I mean er...Tommy Cooper..)[/align]
Only one round, surrounded by the enemy, only one option......

(Removes boot and sock)
cameron, then the tories would have to vote in a new electable leader who'd get rid of all this present shower of shite in the next election... nah, Fcuk it Blair...wish we could use a magic bullet though.
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