The Governments Auditor is audited....and steps down!

It seems that even if your job is to make sure the Government doesnt waste money, you need to make sure your own house is in order!
Stones and glasshouses springs to mind!

Britain's auditor steps down after spending row
LONDON, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Britain's chief auditor, the man charged with stopping government waste, announced he was stepping down on Thursday after criticism of his own lavish spending on foreign travel and top-notch restaurants.

Sir John Bourn, 73, who for 20 years served parliament by making sure public money was not frittered away on frivolous projects, said he would retire as comptroller and auditor general next January to avoid a conflict of interest.

The announcement follows weeks of criticism of Bourn's high spending, including more than 330,000 pounds ($660,000) of taxpayer money spent on 45 trips to destinations such as Mauritius, Brazil and the Bahamas in the past three years.

Bourn's wife frequently accompanied him on his first-class travels, including a weekend in Venice, although she didn't go with him when he went to places such as Moldova and Kazakhstan.
Funny that!!!

In details released by Bourn's National Audit Office last month in a bid to be open, it was also revealed that Bourn entertained the directors of accounting companies and defence contractors at hotels such as the Ritz, Dorchester and Savoy, spending $3,000 on meals alone in one six-month period.


He's been trying to justify it for weeks & failing miserably!