The government to allow earned citizenship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Extremist, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. I've just read (in a number of online papers) that the government plans to allow immigrants to earn citizenship using a points system.

    Rather than being allowed automatically to apply for citizenship after 5 years, they plan to call immigrants 'Probationary Citizens' after 5 years, and from then onwards, the points they earn goes towards their final 'award'.

    Here's how they might 'earn' their 'Brownie' Points:

    Joining a Union would earn points.
    Civic Activism
    Canvassing for a political party.
    Joining a political party.
    Heading for Scotland or other areas that 'need immigration' could also qualify for a shortening of the citizenship 'hold' period.

    Does anyone think this is a good idea?

    I think it is ludicrous, insane and political football of the worst kind. Immigrants should be kept well clear of anything political in this country until they are fully-fledged citizens. What would stop Labour using 100,000 'political activists' that it had bussed in with the promise of citizenship to do its work? I suspect it would be an incentive for Labour to 'invite' millions of immigrants to the UK on the basis that 5 years after their arrival, they could join the party and help it.

    Perhaps if 'would be' citizens did charitable deeds, donated large amounts of funds to a cause, saved someone's life or otherwise showed themselves to be exemplary players in our civic life, then that should shorten the application process, but engaging in political activism? WTF?!?!?
  2. Just a bit of social engineering...

    I really cant think why the Labour party would want people to join Trade unions?
  3. Probably obtain citizenship and a Brit Passport if you can sing the Liarbore song.... 'Keep the Red flag Flying Here...!"

    Farcing Numpities.... they will be giving out the answers to the questions, then giving out Passports if they vote for Lord Meddlesome, Cyclops et al..... after all, must not have any competition, nor anything else... its agin the 'Yumin Rites'....

    donated large amounts of funds to a cause,...

    Yes, to the Lord Mendacious fund for... 'For Electing Mr Peter to be Prime Minister...'
  4. The usual half arsed, too late desperate policy
    Realising half the country is up in arms over immigration they pull something out of the hat that they think might appease the electorate.
    Instead of targetting the non-contributing immigrant or those who's values are completley different to those of most Britons they simply propose a blanket policy that excludes those that are useful to the UK and can contribute as well as those wasters that we customarily allow a free ride.

    The sooner we stop being politically correct and acknowledge that there are many people that we simply do not want the better.
    Some people simply have cultural values and ethics that are not compatable with being British and living here.
    This policy does little to address the problem of the hundreds of thousands we have already allowed in at will.

    Too little, too late. As usual.
  5. Horse and stable door springs to mind.
  6. ****ing stupid. The problem with immigration can be summed up with three words: EU, Illegal Immigration.

    A failure to address these is to completely miss the point. Everything else is just window dressing. Take the points system. Everyone keeps banging on about how great a points system is and citing Australia as an eg of such a system in use. What nobody, including the newspapers, know is that it is easier to immigrate to Australia than it is to the UK. There is little a points system can do that the old system cannot. Therefore, the points system is more politically expedient than practical.

    I am sure the govt isn't so stupid as to not know what the problem is. The conclusion that can be drawn then is that the electorate is so stupid that the govt is able to hoodwink them with cheap politically motivated measures dressed up as a crack down.

    Until the govt talks about the 2 issues I raised above, it isn't dealing with immigration.

    PS: When I saw the title of the thread, particularly the words "earned citizenship", I thought the govt was going to do a "French by spilled blood" type scheme and I thought, what a ****ing brilliant idea. Then I read on and realised it was nothing of the sort. I feel used and abused.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Just seen this on the BBC News & every single person shown getting the permit to live here was Muslim.
  9. Read this thinking it was going to be more than a half baked pile of sh1t, and that I could take the mick about "OH,!!! the humanity" and the bleeding heart brigade getting upset about us turning away pot-immigrants...

    Then I found out it was a pile of p00.

    How about assessing them for...

    a. Use to the country (ie quals).
    b. Lack of criminal background.
    c. Lack of 'orrible dieseases or other drains on our NHS.
    d. The ability to speak the lingo. (English and/or Welsh).
    e. The reason they want to come here.
    f. How much cash they have.
    g. They're willingness to sweep the streets if neccesary to prove their worth.
    h. How they take to OUR culture.

    I am sure I can think of a few more.
  10. It is a "Consultation".

    Consider youselves consulted.

    However, none of it covers those in "The Protection Category". So those claiming to be refugees and in need of "humanitarian protection" can carry on as before.

    Also might care to dwell on this gem tucked away in there:

    " 2.18 A central pillar of earned citizenship is the concept of "active citizenship"..............acceptable activities might include both formal volunteering; giving unpaid help as part of groups, clubs of organisations to benefit others or the environment; or civic activism, for example by undertaking specific responsibilities in the community, such as being a school governor or by contributing to the democratic life of the country through trade union activities or canvassing for a political party. We are continuing to discuss the type of activities that will count as active citizenship.

    2.19 Active citizens will be able to speed up their journey through probationary citizenship and become a British citizen after one year rather than three. The group has also given thought to how active citizenship might be accredited and verified, and proposes that local authorities, through the existing NCS, are uniquely placed to determine whether a migrant has met the criteria for a quicker citizenship journey.

    2.20 Taking together the success of the existing service and its popularity among migrants with the Active Citizenship Design Group's firm view on the potential for a role for local authorities, there is a clear case for looking into options to create an enhanced NCS which assumes responsibility for verifying active citizenship activity before sending forward a ready-to-decide application to the UK Border Agency

    Anybody see just a teensey little problem with linking political and union activity to citizenship tests and then granting local authorities the kind of discretion to both fast track and prepare a "ready to decide" pack?

    I will be needing both the keys to THE BUS and a pitchfork
  11. This is the usual Labour lies being deployed in some half arrsed effort to win a few votes in the upcoming election(should His Lordship Mandleson permit one).Post election(perish the thought Labour might actually win),this will be dropped very quickly.
  12. We need to review the citizenship of everyone granted it by new labour. Especially Brazillian bum boys.

  13. So, immigration checks and balances cease to be a matter for the national government, and become that of a local council, which decides to tell the UK Border Agency that somebody can be let in because he or she has helped deliver leaflets telling immigrants what languages are now spoken in the town hall, for example.

    This is assuming of course that the local council has access to the interpol, fingerprint and DNA records of all violent crime in the UK and around the world, the same records that the Home Office has access to, and of course our various diplomatic missions around the world. Does your local council have access to international police and terrorism databases, or is the international element taken care of by handy twinning arrangements between, say, Brighton and Mogadishu?