The government must allow an independent inquiry


"The government must follow the court's very clear ruling that the military system of investigation and prosecution in torture and abuse cases is fundamentally flawed," he [Phil Shiner, of Public Interest Lawyers] said. "It requires urgent and far-reaching reform."
Do you agree with this statement? Please don't discuss concrete cases, it is forbidden.
gallowglass said:
Your source is a little suspect Sergey.

I refer you back to the 'Troops arrested in Basra thread' of September this year:

(specifically these posts and the page after them):

And my own poor contribution:

gallowglass said:
Mazin Younis works for these people:

Information on 'The Iraqi League':
Hi Gallowglass!

From Guardian:

The government must allow an independent inquiry into ... the court of appeal ruled today
As I understand it is not a private opinion of mr.Younis but a decision made by the court of appeal.

However, I agree with you. Final decision hasn't been made.

Three judges said the investigation was inadequate and ruled that in future all such inquiries must comply with the Human Rights Act.
The judges rejected the Government's challenge to an earlier ruling by the High Court, adding that there were serious shortcomings in the way the military conducted such inquiries.

Both sides in the case were given permission to seek a final ruling from the House of Lords, the highest court in the land.

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