The Gospel according to "Tone"


I shall be listening in tomorrow!! Sounds like good rabel rousing stuff............bring on the coup!! ;D ;D
Shiny - Good recce! Top article.
Vermin - You can listen to FF article online if you click the correct icon.

I believe Frederick Forsythe has now been dropped by the BBC (or was it by Greg Dyke Tone's mate).  It is a pity because he has Tone weighted off to a tee.


GGG, Clicked the correct icon, poxy proxy server is set up not to allow me to connect, don't know why, got to many other IT problems to worry about that!!

I've sent the link home to listen in there!!


Yankie software doesn't like Greg Dyke either!!

Ok Dike then!! Fascist!! D Y K E or D I K E is someones name not a fcuking insult!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!
I don't like Greg D y k e either, so the software & I have something in common.

If the preview let you know your spelling was going to be altered you could edit your set.
No Greg, Dutch dam.
How about Greg "Tone-Boning" Lefty Scum Tw@t?
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