The Goons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arters, Apr 3, 2011.

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  1. Anyone see The Goons last night on the BeeB?
    Oldies but Goldies.
  2. They're on the wireless even as I type! The new radio 4 extra.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    They often apear on radio 7
    Quality entertainment

    Although I haver often wondered whether at the time they caused offence taking the piss out of some of teh second world war campaigns
    Or if it was taken that a bunch of ex squaddies with squaddie humor could rip the piss out of what they wanted
  4. What time is it Eccles.....
  5. I got introduced to The Goons when I was a kid by my old man. Haven't heard The Last Goon Show of All for over twenty years...I was rolling in the aisles. The missus however, was laughing at me laughing at them! She didn't get it though. It has rekindled the love for The Goons and time for an education to the missus and the kids.

    Can you buy the shows as mp3?
  6. Back in the day, I was posted to a TACP and the FAC was a R.Sigs Maj. who was a total Goons fanatic.
    The Unit consisted of him and me, if we were due to move and I didn't fancy de-camming the Spartan, all I had to do was mention Neddy or Bluebottle, relax and listen to his very good impressions for the next couple of hours at the end of which I would say......."Sir, I'll decam now" the answer would always be "Nah, too late, we'll move tomorrow"......Result!
    Not sure now which was the lesser of two weevils (Master 'n Commander)!!!!!!!
  7. You can download some of them at ""

    Use AShampoo (or whatever suits you) to convert to CDs, or listen on computer.

    * I meant: ""
  8. Radio 7 is no more. It's now radio 4 extra. Can't see the point of the exercise, but there you go.

    Henry Crun......"Did you call me Min?"
    Minnie Crun......"No, I called you Henry"

    Standing round in a gang of well 'ard Teddy Boys, all going "E's fallen in the waaatter"
    All in a falsetto voice!!
  9. They are available as free podcasts if you have itunes.
  10. I've recently been re-reading Spikes war memoirs, still a funny as ****!

    "Anyone seen a gun"?
    "What colour"?
  11. He's a Spy!

    No I'm not, I'm a shepherd.

    Aha, shepherd spy!

    (Maj Denis Bloodnock & a Moriarty-like character).
  12. the radio shows wer much better than the tele... more imagination needed and thus far more entertaining.

    Didn't Moriarty live in a underwater gas stove at one point?
  13. And there was me clicking on this thread thinking it was going to be another thread about DE&S
  14. I have bought many CD's from this site ... incredible value and as you see they have one or two , 293 , episodes of the Goons for $20 which is cheap .

    Edited to add linky .... senior moment experienced ... British Old Time Radio Shows -

    Just checked this in detail and not all are episodes of the Goons ... but incredibly some look like serialised versions of " Hitler my part in his downfall " and " Mussolini his part in my downfall " ... as detailed on their website ... got to be worth a purchase ... total cost including postage less than £5 .