A brief introduction

We have at the present over 15,000 British Servicemen & women serving in both Iraq & Afghanistan, unfortunately since hostilities started we has lost over 180 lives and this number is on the increase almost weekly.

Whether you agree with the deployment of troops to these two locations or not the fact of the matter is our troops serve out there without complaint with bravery and with a loyalty that is second to none.

We have the right to openly question the reason they are there and everything else about our country for that matter due mainly to fact that we have men & women like this who are willing to risk their very lives on a daily basis so we can live in a democratic society and sleep safely in our beds.

The conditions they are living in on the front lines has been likened to that of the First World War, with only essential supplies been issued to them.

The Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s was originally formed in September 2007 as the Christmas Fit For Hero’s with an aim to send out small parcels to the troops filled with ‘home comforts’ such as toothpaste, sweets, coffee & books etc, items we take for granted but for the troops out there are impossible to get, along with messages of support. We managed to send hundreds of these boxes out and after a few weeks we were lucky enough to receive a few letters from the frontlines. It was then we realized how important these parcels were to the morale of our troops, so it was decided to carry on the campaign under the new name of the Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s until the last member of our forces is out of these two god forsaken places.

Although the campaign is named the Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s it is certainly not a local charity, we have troops from every part of the United Kingdom serving out there and we can almost guarantee you either know someone serving or know of someone serving out there.

We were lucky enough to get the support of many famous people and were honored in March 2008 when England Rugby Star Jamie Noon agreed to become Patron of the campaign and in June we were again honored when Lord Manton (The 4th Baron of Manton) agreed to be the campaigns second Patron.

As stated earlier we have over 15,000 troops out there and we fully intend to ensure every one of them receives a parcel from the campaign before 2009, and with your help we will do it.

For more information please visit our web site at

On the 29th August 2008 we are holding our first annual dinner & dance/celebrity auction entitled a 'Night Fit For Heroes' Jamie Noon and members of the Coldstream Guards will be present at the event. It is not just a fund raising event but a celebration of our brave armed forces. We still have 40 tickets left from the origional 230 but they are selling fast! if anyone is interested please contact us.

All the Auction lots have been placed on our website with a photo and brief description, they can be viewed by following this link;

You can place a bid now the auction ends 29th August when it will go live at the event, if you are a winning bidder you will be contacted

All funds raised will go towards supporting our troops serving on the front line in both Iraq & Afghanistan.

Some lots cannot be bought anywhere else so maybe grab yourself a bargin remember Christmas is just around the corner.

Happy bidding

Goole Gift Campaign For Hero’s
Founders Kerry & Darren Smith
Patrons Lord Manton
England Rugby’s Jamie Noon


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