The good old race card played yet again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Mar 5, 2008.

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    Suspended Ken Livingstone aide Lee Jasper quits after ‘explicit e-mail’ accusations.

    In his resignation letter, Mr Jasper blamed the “racist nature of a relentless media campaign”

    "This proves that the controversy surrounding Lee Jasper is about incompetence and the improper use of taxpayers’ money, not race."

    No mention off him being a crook then :?
    I can see the vultures overhead now :roll:
    Will the police do anything or would that be regarded as racist as well?
    "They're pursuing me cos I is black"
  2. I'll second you MR Deputy!
    Now pay the money into my outreach scheme damn u!

  3. .......wonder how much his severance pay and pension will be? I'm sure Ken will make sure he's well looked after.

    Incidentally, Brian Paddick, the candidate for the Liberal Democrats, said: “The resignation raises serious questions about the mayor’s claims that there is nothing wrong with his administration. Increasingly, black Londoners are asking me to get in and clean up City Hall, saying I am the only candidate they trust.

    ..........they must mean the toilets - he'd be right at home there based on his past experience and preferences.
  4. Typical he isnt crooked just a victim of racisim i wish i could blame my shortcomings on whitey
  5. get used to it! having been in the plod for a number of years, I constantly hear of or experience people who simply can't cut the mustard making out that their failure is as a result of racism, and "it's only because I'm black/brown/gay/muslim etc etc".. and as you see, it happens in "government" too. Thankfully, as the years go on, sensible people of all races and colours generally treat this rubbish with the contempt it deserves, and less and less credence is given to stupid, baseless pathetic malicious allegations of racial predjudice.

    I just wish the male, white heterosexual contingent made more of "positive discrimination" where jobs are advertised specifically for minority groups, which in itself is quite clearly racist, but then you can only be racist if you're white, right!
    The often forgotten shame is that all those thousands of black, asian or whatever people who just get on with it through their own merits and ability never get mentioned.
    It's a fact that a lot of people are thick lazy or both, whatever "colour" they are, and as far as I'm concerned they can fcuk off and stop whingeing.
  6. thanks to neu labour that whites are rapidly becoming minorities in our own country ... I'm looking forward to using the 'racist' defense to the black, lesbian, teatotal, non smoking muslim who is oppressing me as I try to eat my pork scratchings, smoke a cigar and sink a best bitter!
  7. The racist card comes out to counter the sexist card. If it were chess might it be, 'check mate.'

    No mate, more like £100,000 cheque mate.

    Anyone got any tea leaf's?
  8. I have for some years been convinced that I was black. This easily explains why my first BK victimized me, using the spurious excuse that I had "fecked up an entire FTX by my pathetic excuse for map-reading the gun group up a single track forest ride in Sennybridge, resulting in our approaching the gun position in full view of the enmy along a skyline..."

    My suspicions were further aroused by my being selected from four subalterns to go on a course. Two got JW Instructor, one Ski Instr and I got Unit Funds Accounting. I clearly, using recovered memory therapy obviously, rember the 2 i/c handing me the JIs with a stern "There you go Sambo that will learn you." Or possibly he said "Sorry but someone has to go, I'll make it up to you by sending you to Belize as an umpire in July."

    When I left the army, the first time, I was of course subjected to a horrifying racial abuse, including physical abuses, at a place called a Standing Medical Board. Measurements were taken of various physical capabilities - no doubt to fuel some bizarre eugenics programme with evil racist data. I was not awarded a pension due to my colour, although cunningly the Army insisted it was due to my PVR-ing to get married.

    In later years as I came to the end of an Op Tour in FRY, a leering skin-headed racist thug, calling himself "Chief" or "Q" took one look at me and my black comrades and said "If it was up to me I'd send them all back where they belong today." He added"but the RAF plane is broken so everybody nip off into Split and have a cowboy steak and a Guiness out of Sqn funds." Racist.

    Yes being black has made my military career difficult, even if it wasn't bad enough being ginger and pealy waley in the first place.
  9. Racism? No, just Criminalism it seems

    ........11 organisations run by close friends and associates of Mr Jasper; organisations paid at least £2.5million in City Hall grants, but which appeared to have done little or nothing in return.

    Several of the organisations operated out of the same small room at a business centre in Kennington. The same few people, all friends of Mr Jasper's, popped up again and again in the directors' lists. Some of the organisations had received hundreds of thousands of pounds from City Hall - but their accounts showed no trace of the money.

    We found a project called Diversity International, run by a man called Joel O'Loughlin who, we discovered, was a close friend of Mr Jasper's.

    Mr O'Loughlin's company was given £346,000 to run a London business website, even though it had no expertise in computers and was based in Liverpool.

    We learned that Mr O'Loughlin had never delivered a working website, instead putting Diversity International into liquidation without accounting for the taxpayers' money. The liquidator, we found, was preparing legal action against him for "trading offences".

    We found a project called Brixton Base, whose patron was Mr Jasper and whose director was a close friend of his, Errol Walters. Brixton Base got £287,000 from Mr Livingstone's London Development Agency for "premises", even though it occupied an LDA-owned building and was charged no rent at the time.

    It got a further £230,000 to run training courses over a two-year period, but only ever delivered three courses, lasting a matter of weeks.

    The leader of one of those courses, Shango B'Song, told us that he paid for it out of his own pocket and never saw more than a fraction of the City Hall grant supposedly given to fund it.

    When he complained to a member of Brixton Base management, he said, "they told me they knew some gang members who would 'break me up'." Undaunted, Mr B'Song visited the LDA to protest in person. As he left the LDA headquarters after the meeting, his mobile rang. "It was Errol," he told us. "He said it was no use me complaining to the LDA because he had his people on the inside." Just who those "people" were became clear when we were leaked emails showing that Mr Jasper had been instrumental in securing funding for Brixton Base - against the LDA's wishes - and defending it against LDA officials who knew it was no good and wanted to evict it from their building.
  10. If he's "innocent", why resign? Jumping before he's pushed??
  11. That should do the trick. Problem sorted. :lol:
  12. He resigned the day before he was due to be questioned by the assembly about alleged financial irregularities. Strangely enough, Ken allowed him to go instantly rather than work his notice and 'clear his name' by appearing before the GLA.

    His resignation coincided with the release of some toe curlingly embarrassing emails that he sent to Karen Couhan:-

    Judging by this photo taken of him yesterday, his wife and nine kids aren't swallowing the 'Its because I is black' line any more than the rest of us.


    Karen Couhan, the object of Lee's affections, is an officer of the '1990 Trust'. By pure coincidence, Lee authorised a £100,000 grant to this organisation which was partly used to 'incubate' a company called Equanomics.

    By an even purer coincidence, the board of directors of Equanomics includes a certain Mr Lee Jasper. Now, if I was a cynical sort, I might think that Lee and his mistress have been siphoning six figure sums out of the mayor's office. But of course, that can't be true.

    It also can't be true that Ken has ordered an industrial shredder in anticipation of Boris winning on 1 May and calling the Serious Fraud Office on 2 May.

    It looks very like the anti-racism brigade are going to do for New Labour what the unions did for Old Labour.
  13. ye gads his spelling is horrendous! makes me (sic)
  14. Amusingly, BBC 2 are about to run a season about the poor hard done to White Working Class which will result, no doubt, in them becoming the latest in the long list of victim minorities who can make complaints. So all is not yet lost.

    Also this chap is a middle class professional and part of the ruling elite of London not some poor lad living in a high rise. He is 'the system'

    Rather than playing the 'race' card he is playing the 'hate crime' card. This will allow for it to become a crime if it is perceived to be so by the so called victim, or, wait for it, any other person. Expect a whole regiment of politically correct PCs to be lining up to support him on that front.

    By the way, Ken will reinstate him next Monday.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ken has been quite blatant - he takes money from the people who do't vote for him (motorists, those who live inside the Congestion Charge zone, businesses) and gives it out, as handouts, to those who do. He has bought so many votes in this way that he is quite likely to get re-elected, astonishing as this may seem. He is an astute operator, and has done the maths - stinging a (relatively) few middle-class voters can pay for a large number of his voters.