The good old days....well sort of.....

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by General Melchett, May 18, 2006.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Reading some of the posts in QM's and Log about kit people buy it struck me that in the not so distant past more small kit items were on issue.

    Items such as:

    Underwear, housewife, wash roll, boot brushes, tooth brush, comb, shaving mirror, razor and brush. I'm sure I've missed some out.

    Obviously down to costs it's up to the individual to buy it now. Does anyone remember being issued any of the above and do you think it should be brought back in?
  2. Right on Melchy! Had all of the above, less razor & brush. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, the 'yoof' of today coupled with MoD's inability to buy anyting of any use, would be a heady mixture doomed to failure.
  3. I was issued underwear and a wash roll. Not that they were much use apart from the long johns. I don't think it is costs, it is more that recruits just don't need that sort of stuff any more.

    It's not that long ago when ordinary working people in this country experienced real and grinding poverty. My mum tells me about a relative of hers who who joined the Army in the 1930's. It was bitterly cold and as he didn't own a coat he was wearing newspaper under his jacket. When he arrived to enlist he had to take a medical along with a few others and was very grateful to an old Sergeant, who summing up the situation very quickly came up, with some sort of pretext to allow him to undress in another room. When he was getting dressed again he thanked the Sergeant for his consideration and he said "You aren't the first son, and won't be the last".
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I realise a lot of recruits joining pre 50's wouldn't have certain items, but some things (housewife) could still be issued.
  5. In the 70's I was issued with drawers and vest cellular green, housewife (with green wool for patching jumper), washing pouch that you tied around your waist to put your stuff in, KFS OD pouch but we had to buy our own boot cleaning brushes. :wink:
  6. Interesting post 'Le_Jaq', 'ordinary working people' had a decency in the old days. My old Dad told a tale of his military medical when a man with a 'Club Foot' (a common deformity in the pre-NHS days) had been called up. The Doctor tried to get him to remove his surgical boot in front of the other men but soon changed his mind when 20 very angry(and naked)men threatened to disable him if he didn't give the guy the chance to show it in private....
  7. when I joined the TA in 1986, my first field dressing had a date of manufacture on it of they must'nt have been expecting a war, so why all those tanks and Polaris missiles and big SPGs in Germany? I was really confused and still am
  8. I still have the stainless steel clasp knife that I was issued. I think they stopped issuing them around 1980.
    My father still has his one from National Service days - much used and covered in paint now.

    The green wash roll came with a small green pouch in - I was never sure what was meant to go in that. I used it for my KFS for a time but got fed up of the soapy taste!
  9. The brass thing as well that they issued,so you could clean your brass buttons without getting brasso/blanco on your threads.
  10. lovely v necked red vest to go running in with nice boots sure to fracture meta tarsles....but at least we looked like the marmite adverts when running around Chelsea scaring rich old ladies walking their poodles
  11. That would be a Button-stick.
  12. No2 Dress shirts with the detachable collar. The two where connected by studs if I remember correctly.
  13. Remember them well Baggy, was issued with 4 collars.(1971).
  14. Me too. 2 shirts and 4 collars with 2 studs. The one at the front used to stick in your adam's apple when done up!

    No 2 Shirt collar attached came out around '74 I think, then the shirt, No 2 with pockets and larger collar in the 80's :wink:
  15. You lot must have joined up well before me.