The Good Old British Tommy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Woody32, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. You've all heard the saying about our famous yanky chums: 'all the gear, and no idea' etc. etc. and all the patriotic kinda' stuff, so do you have any anecdotes of where the good old british tommy has shown himself to be the usual resorceful soldier, and similarly any stories of how americans have been bone, lame, and tottally sheite!

    My brother told me of how some american grunt insisted on being flown out a bottle of tommy-K to go with his rations...any truth?
  2. Ex Lion-heart.

    Station with the REME and driving the OC and encountered the US of A version of the same. The comparative job list goes: Carburettor Tech, Fuel Tech, Electrical Tech, Piston Tech, Coffee Tech and blond stunner as the prostitute (the latter had a .50 for the trench).

    REME had vehicle mechanic, include all of the above in a single job except …..

    for the wait for it Prostitute

  3. Strange obsession here by Brits comparing themselves to the Spams - I'd be surprised if the Spams ever compared themselves to the British.
  4. If your killed during your service, you are (usually) buried with a funeral party from your own Unit, bearer party and firing party.

    The Yanks have a dedicated team to send you off, very slick but very impersonal.
  5. Next time you see your brother, slap him round the head and tell him I told you to do it.

    Oh yes, you both might want to check out the definition of the word C R E D U L O U S. :roll:
  6. If it moves and it shouldn't, gaffer tape it.

    If it doesn't move and it should, WD40 it!
  7. That could be quite difficult.

    Credulous (along with a few other words that have fallen out of common usage) was removed from the Oxford English Dictionary last year.
  8. Whats the betting Woody will believe that one too? :wink:
  9. were removed; not 'was'
    urhhh! :roll:
  10. Um, I think you'll find that the "few other words" were in brackets and therefore my overall statement referred to just "credulous". [/pedant]



    I know, I know, it's the second time I've used it today.
  11. Ahah, yes but what was in brackets was a phrase, and not a sentance therefore the referall noun should actually have been were.
    Don't apoligise, just get it right next time lol :wink:
  12. Sentance? Is that like a sentence? :roll: No apologies required and I'll not mention referral... :wink:
  13. No it doesn't. That would be the case if it were a sub-clause separated by commas but brackets mean that the sentence should be able to be read without the 'phrase'.
  14. ¡Perdón, yo no hablo su mierda inglés, besa mi perilla-fin!
  15. What exactly do you mean when you say "pedant"?