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I'm driving SWMBO to/from work at the moment. What can be a journey of anything between 20 minutes to an hour is now no more than 15 minutes. There are virtually no queues anywhere.
You weren't standing outside our local Boots store then. Got there at 8:15 (upposed to open at 8:30). Chemist popped a sign up at 8:25, new opening times 10-12, 2-4PM.
Good news? Maybe, as self-employed, I'll get some cash from the gov't. Perhaps that should be "indifferent news" until the "good" news actually materialises.


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Try the ones about the little people living in a department store. Dorcas Delicatessen is a character name I remember.
Also the Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

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Whilst maintaining her distance, daughter brought round her new puppy, which is delightful. Sun on my back, birdsong and a new dog chasing round my garden. What's not to like?
Did you have to pick up much poo after he went home:-?

Good news for these people who have been treated shabbily over this whole situation.
Losing your livelihood over a management cockup that leads you to be being accused of theft or even jailed for it

Hard not to feel sorry for them
Some good news today:

An 84 year old sex offender has died of coronavirus.
I have an idea she'd have slapped my teeth out if I had taken my phone out and took a photo....I'll try and get one from further back next time
I got told off once in a Tesco car park, this woman waddled out of the store and was heavily pregnant that you didn't really see her at first just this massive pair of tits advancing towards you

I suddenly had a tourettes moment and shouted out "Breasts!" rather loudly

The missus turns round is about to clip my ears and does exactly the same thing and shouts "Breasts!"
I have loads of chilli's frozen in my freezer. Plenty of cheese and crackers.
Got some Manis Sambal in the fridge as well.

Loads of meat in the freezer.
Got 9 bog rolls left.
Sun is out Speedos on and sunbathing in the front garden.
It could be worse.
Copied from The Bangkok Post and confirmed by personal observation:

The king of fruit is starting to show up in the market. For lovers of old-school durian, this is arguably the most important period of the durian season. Now you can find the chani variety.

Historically, Thailand is home to over a hundred cultivars of durian but sadly these days only a few are available to the general public. Dominating the market is monthong, which has thick flesh and can be cut well before it's fully ripe, making it suitable for export. A much smaller proportion of the supply is made up of kan yao and chani and a few other varieties.

Of the three main Thai durians, chani is the cheapest, which is partly a reason it has become harder to find. A lot of chani trees have been cut down to make way for the more lucrative monthong. Kan yao, with a small supply, is way more expensive than chani and monthong, thus often considered in a different league.

However, the fact is that among these three common cultivars, chani is not only the most affordable, to some connoisseurs who shun the consumption of half-ripe durian, which is now the norm; it is also the best. Unlike monthong, chani is usually eaten ripe. A good chani has smooth creamy flesh that is sweet with a slight tinge of bitterness. Its aroma and colour are stronger than monthong and kan yao.

April is the best time to find chani from the eastern provinces (the season for durian from the South starts around June). The durian vendors in your area may sell only monthong, but keep asking them about chani and let them realise that there is a demand for the variety, so they will bring some from the main markets to sell.

If you are lucky enough to find chani in your area, be mindful to choose only a ripe one. For inexperienced buyers, rather than buying an unopened fruit, it's wise to go for the meat-only option. Ripe chani has bright yellow flesh. Usually, the stronger the colour, the better the quality. A mouthful of good chani may make you forget about the hardship brought by the pandemic, and remind you of the beauty of life.

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Tastes like shit and smells worse...

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