the good guys wear black... anyone here read this?

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by ejbrown, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. ''In his four years with S019, the Metropolitan Police Special Firearms Wing, Steve Collins has been in over a thousand contacts: that is gun battles, with Yardies; IRA gunmen; East End gangsters, such as the notorious Arifs and their hitmen; drug smugglers from South America and elsewhere; and lone gunmen who have simply gone berserk. A judge commending the bravery of Steve's team said, "If only the public knew the calibre of the men that protect them". S019 protects us from chaos and violence London. These groups are expert in firearms operations in an urban environment - the SAS come to them for training. Collins gives the inside story of these operations, which we might otherwise only get to hear about when they make the headlines.''

    1000 'gun battles'?

    sas come to them for training?

    could anyone expand on this please...
  2. Expanded enough?
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  3. Pretty obvious ain't it.

    SO19 are trained by the IBA. Everyone knows that

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  4. joker - thanks for the classic joke

    wolf - is that the famous 'shortt' international bodyguard association?
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    You aint paid your subs in a while, have you, Shane?

  6. Sounds like poetic licence at best......over 1000 gun battles in 4 years of service, working on only one leap year that's 1461 days, only 1045 days if you work a 5 day week and that's without taking any leave or BH...... So that's some pretty active service averaging at least 1 gun battle for every day at work!!! Do the boys at the FOB average that at the current Tempo?

    as for training the SAS, maybe they have done some joint training or shared facilities or even acted as the bad guys for the SAS. But I don't think they would be the trainers as they don't even use the same ROE.

    although I would never class a skanked up Yardie waving around a sawn off as being the same as a load of incoming from Heavy Machine Guns avec mortar and RPG.....
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  7. right... my name isnt shane and i dont have any outstanding subscriptions to anything, let alone a journo union

    yeah can anyone confirm or deny whether there have even been 1000 'contacts' as its suggested here on the streets of mainland britain (which didnt make it to the papers, as suggested in the quote i posted) or whether 'THEY' go to armed plod for their training?

    surely 'THEM' with the CRW team dont get instructed by plod - i always imagined it was the other way round!?
  8. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's overblown shite. Read The Trojan Files. It's much better written, more honest and far less cockney (with the emphasis on cock) geezer orientated.
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  9. The very same!

    With shiny laminated IBA certificates wot they bought off eBay innit.

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  10. cheers for the response, pretty much as i'd imagined, but i thought it was a pretty tall one to put in print considering SAS and armed plod must link up now and again!
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    They use the same black helicopters so they must know where the seats are. Otherwise there could be confusion.

    I'm curious Shane, so indulge me? Two posts in and you know all about the Baron? To a suspicious man this would suggest a nic-switch. Why would one nic-switch to ask a fairly simple question?
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  12. 1000 contacts wouldn't happen to include dealing with boys with air rifles shooting at cats would they?
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  13. Good call, Your Grace!
  14. because i have read the arrsepedia before!

    i use the forum to look at recruitment stuff as im in the middle of applying for the british army and as yet had no posts - but naturally that MUST mean that im an undercover journo?
  15. What other reason would you have for asking the original question?