The Good Dr Reid..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by benjaminw1, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Good PM for the services?

  2. There hasn't been a good one for the services since Winston so why should Reid be any different?
  3. Since Winston? What about Gallipolli!

    Dennis Healey was SOSD for six years and claimed that this imparted knowledge unto him such that he could confidently state HMS Conqueror could have just "winged" the Belgrano! Chopper...

    If John Reid ever stops long enough in a ministerial appointment to be accurately judged, then we can have this conversation!
  4. Micro-manager. Already used the forces as a step up the greasy ladder. His "hard but caring man of the people" veneer conceals, I suspect, an extremely dangerous bloke. (But there again, he's a politico so you don't expect me to say anything nice, do you?) To quote - loosely - Ambrose Bierce, "the only people who are fit to govern are those who would never thing of so doing."
  5. Agreed, Winston messed up and thousands died, but he did admit he had made a mistake, resigned his position as a Minister; First Sea Lord and MP, took up his comission again and went to serve in the trenches before returning to parliament.

    Yes he messed up, he also tried to atone by doing the dirty deed himself...unlike Bliar/Reid et al.
  6. Depends to an extent on whether Cameron Tories are preferable to Labour, and what the Labour alternatives are. How far will any of them go beyond (externally) what the US says, and (internally) what the Civil Servants tell them needs to be done, or what further savings need to be made. I'm not brimming with confidence about any of them. I suspect that they are all gutless, craven, vote seeking lackeys for anyone that they might feel could further their own pathetic political careers. I remain to be convinced that any of them would actually stand up for what they believe to be the right thing (even if that coincided with what I thought was the right thing).

    In short - they would all be a bag of shite
  7. He's my MP and during canvassing, before the last election, he was in our street. He wouldn't talk to anyone just grinned and waved but sent his lackies over to anyone who had a question and he kept on walking!!

    I contacted him about a couple of service issues that as my MP he could have/should have pursued i.e. Hitback's housing campaign was one of them. I got a standard letter which fobbed me off quicker than a fobbed off thing :evil:
  8. Isn't Reid on record as saying that Defence Secretary was the job he wanted most?

    Doesn't make a difference to his PM credentials, mind.
  9. Wasn't it Reid who expressed the hope that we would be in and out of Helmand without a single round being fired?

    I understand that the current number fired is upwards of 400,000
  10. My mate was serving in Helmand recently when Reid went out as Defence Sec. and said he'd never met an MP who just went thru the motions like him, said his attitude was crap and all he did was ask blokes were they were from.
  11. IIRC he was the rector (president of the students union) and leader of the univesity communist party at the time of the Queen's 1974 visit when she was heckled, spat upon, and infamously photographed running the gauntlet of wine drinking beared yobs.

    Ironically Reid would later go on to allegedly abuse various members of the house of commons staff whilst very tired and emotional.

    The Guardian did a pretty well researched piece on him in 2002.
  12. John Reid former communist, prime minister....Why not? We have had a former CND man who turned into a war monger, I wonder what Reid would do? I can't understand him most of the time anyway.
  13. A little less of the former paleface. He is regarded as a pretty well unconstructed trot although he does buff up well for the cameras.

    <drifting off topic>
    After the wall fell down and the communist party of GB realised that the game was a bogey, there was a marvelous moment when the membership of the Govan branch of the Communist party marched en mass to the doors of the Govan Labour Association to enlist only to be told to Foxtrot Oscar by the bouncers. The members of the press managed to record the momentous moment.
  14. Maggie was the best for the forces - anyone remember the size of a pre Maggie pay packet!
  15. John Reid is the most sinister member of a very sinister bunch. He is an ex-alcoholic and an ex-communist, and these are not vices that are easily relinquished. His in-laws are gangsters and Labour fundraising bashes ("red rose dinners") in the central belt of Scotland have had drug dealers and gangsters turning up.

    Reid could not resist some fellow-traveller gloating at the expense of the US imperialists over the fact the Taliban are the b@stard child of the Muhjaheddin:

    This man is very dangerous. ID cards would be the least of our worries if he was in charge.