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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen, may I take this opportunity to recommend the following,
    SOinC (A) pd 213. I never leave home without it.

    Can any of you fine, upstanding men of the Corps, think of any other 'reads'.

    Looking forward to getting help on this particular issue.
  2. pheww I thought you were turning jehovas witness for a moment there!!
  3. Konnie Huq?
  4. Corps Dress. Nice.
  5. A great document but needs updating.
  6. If God wrote the Bible, how come he didn't know about America? And the rest of the Universe as we know it now? Good books, pah I've read better JSPs.
  7. Aaah, Disco, 'twas updated only last September 2006!
  8. What's the word on Line Belt's in there carpets ?
  9. There are still many units who have their own little styles of dress and badges etc that are not in the PD, thats what I was refering to.

    Still its a great read, and I love to preach its virtue to the great unwashed who know not how to wear the Queens uniform with the distinction it deserves!
  10. Inter, quick responce is in the post. Wait out.
  11. I reckon they edited out the dinosaurs too. Too scary.
  12. mein kampf and the little red book

    Also enjoy Thomas the tank engine and the dragon
  13. Inter, as requested; '311. Line Belts. Belts as issued from service sources may only be worn by the Driver Lineman trade group and only under the approval of unit commanders. The Line Belt may only be worn in Nos 5, 8, & 14A orders of dress. It is to be highly polished in black only and may not be worn with tools unless work on cables is being conducted.' There you go mate still hanging in there, just about!
  14. wow, must get a copy
  15. So no mention of the "ox blood" belts for the senior lineman in the unit then. Or was that another piece of corp urban myth.

    Kicking and screaming, long live the line belts, long live the reef knot (still being taught is it ?) and who needs O2, Vodafone, 3, or T Mobile when there is a perfectly good 16 Line ULS sat there.