Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by quiet_teuchter, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Is there a list of court martial results and if so where can I access it? I am trying to help inform a soldier who is due to appear on a GCM on charges of GBH as to what he may or may not expect (left and right of arc).

    Thank you
  2. The CMC will hold this information and it is a matter of public record, after all.

    However, I would be very wary of using previous sentences as a guideline - unless you fancy really wide arcs - especially for GBH.

    Perhaps one of m'learned friends will be along shortly to provide a more useful response... :D
  3. Left of arc not guilty march out, Right of arc, GBH with intent (sect 18) is life. Depends on the circumstances, the JAG will weigh it up.
  4. Has he a good excuse (like self defence) or is he just a psychopathic cnut? Sentencing will doubtless depend on mitigating circumstances. And dont forget, it will go better for him if he admits guilt (unless, of course, he is innocent).
  5. Are there online CMC records? I have googled but all I can find is the Canadian courts martial results. :roll:
  6. Results of any Court Martial/SAC should still be published on Higher Formation and Unit Part Ones.

    May be worth a scan through Bde/Garrison Orders?

  7. Weren't they always published monthly??

    Used to make great reading, seeing the offences and sentences and having a right laugh at some of the sad sacks!!
  8. Blindfire it was always worth a chuckle.

    Ours are published weekly!