The Gods of War

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ACAB, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. To those of you dreaming of joining the Army, join the Infantry!

    Once you've been a grunt you can always look down with a sneer of contempt on those who joined the Army....but, in reality...didn't.

    Always remember, the role of the Infantry (The Gods of War) is: To close with the Enemy and Destroy Him.

    There is also some crap about taking out panzers at short and medium range but it ruins the essential message.

    There will now be a stampede of frothing at the mouth, all arms loons, telling you I'm wrong. BUT, it simply proves I am right.
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  2. you been drinking?

    bet you get called a hat within 10 posts....
  3. No, you're absolutely spot-on. The only people you'll be able to look up to will be those driving helicopters who realised that there's only so much fun to be had walking.
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  4. msr

    msr LE

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  5. He is absolutely right. The infantry are the dogs bollocks. I have had loads of them working for me in the past and can say without fear of corroboration that I couldn't have done without them.
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  6. Helicopters? If the wing is not fixed then ipso facto it is broken.
  7. Now, now, don't want any jealous inadequates posting on here, you know, the type who think a PFA is akin to running and winning the London Marathon.

    You know what I'm on about, they exist in all arms, the 'Infantry Walt / Wannabee'

    Tell me they don't!
  8. Quite happy with the concept of stopping, then landing, rather than landing and then having to stop.
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  9. As long as both of you stop and land in the correct order relative to the type of aircraft, that's fine.
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  10. Tut tut, naughty, what about you guys wanting Infantry escorts in the bad ole days of Norn Iraland?

    From my own experience:

    "I don't wan't your best protecting me, I wan't soldiers who really, really, want to kill someone"
  11. One thing I liked about choppers, they were easy to marshal. When the RAF was doing the cold weather trials on the Lynx at Cold Lake in the late 70's, I was sent out to marshal one in to the apron between 1Hanger and AETE. I went out with a spray can of flourecent orange paint, made an X on the snow, pointed at it, and walked away.

    The Pilot later said that it was a great job of ground handling...
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  12. Somewhere to park is useful. All that arm-waving stuff is just grandstanding. 9 times out of 10 the Baldrick gets ignored anyway.
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  13. We know that you "Drivers-Airframe" are easily confused, so we try to keep it simple.
  14. That's the way we like our groundcrew.
  15. Exactly, we keep it simple, for the simple.