The Godfather on PS2

The Godfather has been released for PS2. I started playing it last night. Loads of videos in there and the graphics are great. I have reached the level of 'Enforcer'!!

If it carries on this good all through the game it will become a classic.

I was wondering what games everyone plays, if they are any good i might go and get it!

Good to have the site back!
Rome Total War. on PC

marching thousands of troops, cav and archers forward into battle, bless 'em.
All for PS2, my PC is steam driven

Black - Graphically amazing, if a little short
Killzone - Best FPS for PS2
Burnout (3 or revenge) - Fun destructive arcade racing
Starwars Battlefronts 2 - Feel the force :lol:
I'll pick up Godfather for the PC at the weekend, and a set of divorce papers. :?

Mafia - excellent, play it
Hidden & Dangerous 2 - excellent but the online server seems to have died
"manic miner" on my zx spectrum 8O 8O
Feckin ell! Im still struggling with ping-pong from 1977.


Postal 2

I like to ignore the missions and simply find people that look funny, then i pour petrol on them and set em alight. After they have burnt for a bit i piSs on them till the flames are out making sure they are still alive, then i either kick them to death or hoof them with a shovel.

Real good healthy game play
Civ 4... Rome... Galactic Civilisations 2...

just finished godfather on PC (well, close as dammit) - very entertaining...

yep, too much time on my hands ;) can't beat the PC for gaming, though i wish they would make a decent fighting game. bring back Panza Kickboxing from the Amiga / Amstrad CPC464!

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