The glorious revolution

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by thestoat, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. does anyone have any happy memories of last nights coup and revolution, and any messages of support for Colonel Mann, given field promotion at Aberdeen, General Jackson, or his batman, pte Golden
  2. Bore off you cock

    O2T for one!
  3. How on earth have you found the time or inclination to make 63 posts in one day? May I suggest more quality and less quantity?
  4. NO it was glorious, ask nignol, ash, spanner or anyone, I am a dr, and will be respected, I am good not bland
  5. Tell your mum I can't make it tonight . I've got a headache
  6. Spanny your next after ash the cash, we are an indestructable team, we are coming for you
  7. It's " You're next " . I see standards are falling at Oxford uni :wink:
  8. And may I suggest ANY quality and ZERO qty from "Doctor" Scrote, sorry, Stoat?
  9. O2 Thief nomination seconded.
  10. It was a rather spectacular show of force in life chat I must say. Too bad it was my bed time. ;)
  11. VIVE LA REVOLUTION, your not ash the cash are you by any chance
  12. Same ash_p that was in chat last night!
  13. Thirded (02 Nomination)
  14. Whats for dinner Stoaty?
  15. Aye ok, we had a great revolution mate, we rule, via text from Oxford uni