The Glorious Pre Health and Safety Days

Having been a cadet AI, I now fully understand th implications and annoyances of H & S

Does anyone have any amusing stories of the good old days before the H & S crap?

I remember things such as getting a section of cadets in the back of a civvy landrover for vehicle ambush drills and debussing after an emergency stop, patrolling out of rivers, shooting from moving vehicles, cescape & evasion vs. the RAF cadets and tying them up, stress positions etc etc.....

So, amusing stories, shoot!
Early days, que the CSM's office one Monday morning.

Right then, the static water tank on the roof of Block 18 is looking scruffy and the CO wants it sorted out, here's what I want you to do:

Climb up there without any form of safety equipment and having had no instruction at all on how to properly foot the really crap old wooden ladder with two rungs missing which you will be using. Once up there put on your safety equipment (a pair of issue coveralls) and start scrubbing off all that nasty flaky rust and lead laden paint with a worn out wire brush. Be sure to breathe lots and lots of the resulting dust. What you do not breathe just sweep off the roof and get it nicely airborne so that everyone on camp is exposed to lead poisioning risk as well as you.

As it is high summer you will of course be burnt to a flaky red crisp as we do not have any issue sun factor 30 or whataveyou, in point of fact we don't even know such feckin things exist. Make sure you do not wear a hat - we don't want you turning up on muster with paint and dirt on your beret now do we? In fact wear plimsolls as well, we don't want you ruining a perfectly good pair of DMS either, if anything heavy lands on your feet just scream and shout a bit then get on with the job in hand.

Having done that you are to open a couple of these really big tins of Redlead Paint (as in red paint laden with actual real lead) and slap it all over said static water tank using a couple of big brushes. You will doubtless get paint all over you so I suggest getting it off your hands by use of some highly carcenogenic Kero sprinkled on a filthy old rag.

Don't worry if you fall off the roof as the fall arrestor will break your fall - by the way when I say fall arrestor I mean concrete parking area of course, be sure not to land on any of the staff cars or anything won't you? And remember I want that feckin water tank looking smart as a carrot by Friday.
Yup when an OCdt in an OTC (over 20 years ago) which had better remain anonymous myself and another OCdt went down an urban indoor street range each side of the street firing across the street at each others windows at the terrorists targets babies in prams etc with .38 special revolvers supplied by a friendly gun shop that supplied us with shotguns ammo pistols etc for a reasonable price. It was quite safe because the DS running along behind guessed it two more officer cadets. Great range day though! ET
Back in the day.... I've seen people bring their own blank firing pistols on exercise and use them to good effect by sticking it in a cadets who was on stags face and walking him away!! That wouldn't go down well now.
Not so much H and S but one of the funniest things I've ever heard of which you wouldn't get away with now.
My brother was on away on some leadership course, can't remember which one. One female cadet who was 16 or 17 was constantly complaining, whining, being a general pain the the back side. The RSM, I think he was an AI as oppossed to a WO1 on a CTT, had enough and when she went up to whine again he turned round, looked her dead in the eye and said"what you need young lady, is a damn good cock up your arrse!!!!!!" The girl was gobsmacked, didn't know what to say and walked off. She didn't complain again though!!
a certain ex cadet officer who'd join a cav regiment drove home to come on having "borrowed"
a boot ful of slrs blanks and thundys.
for the cadets to use
unfortunatly our spolisport major would'nt let us near them.
slightly pertubed when phoning said cav regiment to enquire what the hell was going on "well we were not using them and he's a good sort I'm sure he will bring them back he is an officer after all" bonkers

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