Hi, I wonder if members of the forum might be interested in my latest book project. It's a WW1 book but with a difference - the action only starts when the guns stop firing! There are books about Ypres, The Somme, Gallipoli & Verdun but there has never been a WW1 book quite like this one. It's unlike any other war book that I've read... which is why I've written it!

The book is called The Glorious Dead and follows an exhumation company as it clears the battlefields and concentrates the war cemeteries. But there are secrets still hidden on the battlefields of Flanders - including one only revealed when a visitor comes searching... for the grave of one of the survivors!

Please take a look and pledge your support if you can. I think the work these men did is vastly underrated and largely forgotten. But they deserve recognition.
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What him up there said. What and where do we find the book or the outline or the first draft or whatever we are supposed to be supporting?

I am always in the market for trying a new author (oeer missus etc) especially if it is a cheap.
This had better be a good book.

Never had my name in a book before so if it is crap, then I am going to haunt you.