The Glorious Corps Dinner

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by IFR_goggles, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. Apologies if this has been covered already but I can't find it if it has.

    OK, why are we still going to the Savoy for the Corps dinner? It's expensive, the food is crap, the service is diabolical and, most importantly, we can't all fit in.

    It's great that young officers are coming to it now but why do we limit regts to 10 places when they want 30?

    The TA should be included but there will inevitably be a sour taste when their presence limits regulars and when they have a separate dinner of their own.

    There was talk that we were committed to a contract with the Savoy but I seem to remember that it finished last year. So what the hell are we doing back there again this year?

    Interested to know if anyone has the real answer.
  2. Excuse the interuption, nothing to do with your dinner, but a serious question,,,,

    how long have you been calling yourselves "The Glorious Corps" ... :?:
    ....or was it a typo and should read "The Gloria's Corps" :?:

    Just a question .
  3. Typo? Did someone say typo?

    Who is goggles anyway? Two posts????
  4. Is this the same Corps dinner that all the RSMs go to and is paid for by the Mess Fund that some of them don't pay into or is that the RSMs dinner and I'm getting all confused here ?
  5. Glorious Corps Dinner is correct. If we were purporting to be a Glorious Corps who are having a dinner it would of course be The Glorious Corps' Dinner. So tigger, before having a dig at someone, especially when you come from a regiment that is the poor man's cavalry you ought to brush up on your grammar and syntax and I would really recommend study of the possessive and causative.

    The dinner is of course 'glorious' however, we are in danger of creating a rival function for the 20 or so officers from each regiment who cannot attend due to ticket rationing.

    It is slightly puzzling that we can't fit in to the Savoy when we only have 900 or so officers in the Corps. Take out a 100 or so who are serving in Spain, Italy, USA, Cyprus etc and you are left with 800 trying to get in to a room for 600. Big question is, do all those who attend still pay Corps subs, and if not should they get priority over an officer who does pay subs??
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  7. Now now ladies no trouble, were all tired.
  8. You are excused tigger. We are also young, unsung and do have humour but also with a good spash of justice. We accept digs when appropriate but not when they are mis-directed.

    Best officer I ever knew was RTR, commanded 4 RTR and 11 Armd Bde, 'Doug the Thug'.

    Alas he will not come to our dinner, where did you say you hold your annual bash tigger??
  9. msr

    msr LE


  10. Thank you for your your tolerance and undestanding 8O

    I didnt.
  11. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    When is the Corps going to take into cosideration the date of the Army v Navy rugby game when organising the Coprs dinner? THey are both top events in the social calender, but alas it appears that those people stationed overseas will have to miss either one due to being unable to travel back to London two weeks in a row. It is fine for those stationed in the UK, but for us singlies overseas it becomes a financial embuggarance

    Surely a bit more 'social calender awareness' when going firm on a date for the corps dinner will ensure these clashes are avoided in the future. Everybody knows that the Army v Navy is the first sat in may. It is sad that the Corps is never able to tie the date of the corps dinner in with the ruggers. I know that far more people would attend both socials if this was the case.

    Incidently there will always be the social diehards that will be in attendance at both - myself included
  12. 11D said

    What you say makes sense but we must remember that these two functions have grown in popularity at the same time. 15 years ago the Corps Dinner was about 200 or so in the IPC near Fleet Street and the Army V Navy was 1 marquee, about 200 from the Coprs and only about 6K in the crowd. It is now 600 (maxed out) at dinner and 1200 at the rugby with 40K in the crowd

    The Corps dinner has always been second tuesday in May and the AvN 1st Sat in May. It worked out 3 years ago ( what a weekend that was!!)

    perhaps if the Dinner moves away from the Savoy to meet growing demand it might also come forward a week. But work it out, how many times will the dinner and match be split by 4 days and how many by 3 days
  13. I'm glad someone has started a string on the Corps Dinner and to see some good points being raised.
    I have been disappointed by the dinner in recent years for a number of reasons.
    1. Anyone attending should be paying subscriptions that is not currently the case.
    2. While there is a restriction on numbers AGC and REME officers should certainly not be attending they have the last 2 years
    3. No 1 precludes the attendance of the majority if not all TA officers.
    4. If we are going to have loyal toasts, speeches and a state of the nation from the wee fellow from Stranraer then people should generally remember their manners and sit down and shut up while they are going on. Otherwise the formal part of the evening should be abandoned and it should just become an informal black tie dinner which allows people to circulate freely to meet and chat with old friends. On the evidence of the last 2 years it is neither one nor the other of these 2 possibilities.
    5. If you have not tried the Corps Dinner North give it a go and you will be pleasantly surprised at the contrast.
  14. TA Officers do not pay subscriptions, but each TA Regt pays the equivillent out of it's Mess funds to the Corps each year. Therefore you should not attack the TA, but pity the poor regulars attached to TA units who are in effect paying twice! :?
  15. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    That all makes sense, it's just a pity that the powers that be seem to be oblivious. A change of venue from the Savoy, a larger location, a presumption in favour of R SIGNALS officers only (unless there are surplus tickets), and limiting it to only those who pay subs would be huge changes for the better. (I concur, personally, with the suggestion that it should be Regular officers only. I was TA a long time ago, but I believe that, notional 'One Army' rubbish aside, this is the main chance for the regular Corps to get together and officers should not be precluded from attending because TA people are taking up tickets.)

    Who's 'in charge' of the Corps Dinner Night? Presumably it's someone at Blandford? ...ChalkNTalk - you're at Blandford, aren't you? - do your intranet terminals have access to the RLI internet gateway? If so, perhaps you could forward a link to this page to the aforementioned powers that be?? :D