The Glorious 1st of June (1794)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Queensman, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. Greetings to all members, serving or otherwise, of The Queen's Regiment (Queen's Surreys), The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment, 1st Battalion The Queen's Regiment and The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, on this the anniversary of The Glorious First of June.

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  2. OldSnowy

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    Why thank you, Queensman, and fraternal greetings to you as well - nice to see someone else keeping up the old traditions - and of course celebrating yet another beating of the vile and loathsome French :twisted:
  3. Hurrah!
  4. Ah what a change, a thread I will willingly Raise a Glass to, The Queensmen and Fluck the Frog.
  5. and the WFR's
  6. I have had my gunfire, but the kids were not to pleased with me banging the saucepan in imitation of the drums and my 11 took one sniff of the Run and threatened me.
  7. Sadly, the two ships in recent years to have the battle honour "Glorious First of June 1794", MARLBOROUGH and INVINCIBLE, were both decommissioned last year (INVINCIBLE is mothballed in Portsmouth at 18-month's notice).
  8. And the KOSB!
  9. I thought the 'Glorious 1st if June was a naval battle. ?
  10. The Glorious First does indeed commemorate a naval battle.

    In 1794 the 2nd Regiment of Foot (The Queen's) were serving as sharpshooters with the fleet commanded by Admiral 'Black Dick' Howe, serving on board the flagship Queen Charlotte and HMS Royal George, Defence, Majestic and Russell. The enemy was sighted off Ushant in May but no attack was possible until 1 June. The British fleet formed line abreast and attack the French fleet at 0900. The battle continued until early afternoon by which time seven French ships had been captured and 3,000 casualties inflicted. The battle became the Regimental Day of the Queen's Royal Regiment. The regiment ws awarded the Naval Crown on their Regimental Colour as a result of their role in the battle. The honour was passed on to the Queen's Regiment on formation in 1966 and subsequently the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in 1992.

    Invicta Ich Dien - Unconquered I Serve

  11. ....which is why Queens (and presumably PWRR) SNCO's toast the Queen sitting down:)
  12. 25th Foot (later the KOSB) were serving as Marines.
  13. as were the 29th Foot Article on the battle. The battle near obvious land location so the date was used as a battle honour
  14. Absolutely - and individually though this has nothing to do with the RN, rather being descended from the R Sussex Regt - who inherited it from the Donegal Regiment whose Colonel, the Earl of Donegal, insisted on individual drinking so that he could be sure of an individual's loyalty to the crown.
  15. A glorious Glorious 1st June to one and all.
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