the giveaway signs of a military idiot......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by warrydave, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. little things that give away that the man behind the desk/stores counter is a buffoon ............ e.g. handwriting flat at the bottom because he cant write in a straight line without his ruler....... anyone think of any other examples of stupid people in posistions of power..?

    i'm thinking BQMS level here........
  2. a clip board with a blank note pad! 8)
  3. Oh, so you're not counting the width of the gold braid on the sleeves then?
  4. I once saw a jerry can with 'DEESEL' written on it in tippex.
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    People who incessantly quote "The Regulations", because it is more than their job is worth, which is a simpleton's way of saying either they are incompetent or to stupid to answer the question or achieve what is needed to be done.
  6. Holding a broom bristles up.
  7. Gold braid for a BQMS/SQMS/CQMS? What were you in - the f~cking guides?
  8. The anal insistence that you sign for anything that you ask them for.

    For example, Go ask for a broom they making you feel as though you have asked to shag their daughter!

    Then when you return it take you three hours as they inspect it.
  9. Anyone in uniform who says, "ARRSE, never heard of it." Spineless! And for the idiot bit - anyone who has heard of it and officially disapproves.
  10. Those who use the words "Health & Safety" or "Doing it by THE BOOK" (I always make them specify which one (Building MGB using the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is never a good idea)
  11. Being the lying,deceiving sort that I am.I denied all knowledge of ARRSE last time I was pointed in this direction by a colleague and proceeded to "stumble over interesting items purely by chance"
  12. A long line of pens in the top pocket. In days of yore, and even worse, one of those naff OG Pen Holders sewn onto the left arm of the pullie or, even worse again, Brassard with a velcro lift up flap contiaining pens and an ickle note pad.

    Even worse still, Millboard with single sheet of white paper and a covering of Fablon, Chinagraph writing on for the use of.
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    The fact someone can't spell does not make them a bad soldier - very often it is quite the opposite. I note that warrydave singles out BQMS's for his approbation so I take it that he has had to sign for a bit of kit he has lost.

    Remember - the BQMS did not get to that rank purely by passing a Spelling 'B'.
  14. A combat jacket covered in badges...oops thats now policy from what I hear. :(

    The guy who insists on you filling out the correct form so that you can demand some forms to fillout to try and get some urgently needed bit of kit.

    Or even worse. The guy that can quote you the NSN from memory of any bit of kit you might ever possibly need.
  15. Oh I forgot this one…

    The ability to memorise the serial numbers, of the entire Bn’s weapons and who they belong to.

    Then to refer to people by their butt number.

    Someone who needs to get out more.