The Girl's Bums Thread

I have to agree with Porridge_gun, it's all about the arrse.

Tits are ok and a clunge shot can be inspiring but nothing beats the perk cheeks of a nubile young tart when she exposes the choccy centre. Whether they're pulled tight against thin fabric or just bare cheek for the world to see, to admire the arse over the rest is to be counted as an enlightened pervert. Go back as far as you can to the cradle of Western Philosophy, Ancient Greece, and they worshipped girl's bums above everything else. We should try and strive for the same kind of civilised thinking today.

Aphrodite Kallipygos
Venus Kallipygos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Her modern counterpart:

Now I don't really want to see some blonde, peroxide orange tramp on here ruining my lovely thread. This one is dedicated to proper ladies.

I do declare the girl's bums thread officially open.

Good point, but they also did the girls up the ricker too, this bit is always underplayed, much to the detriment of state education.

Just look at these filthy scrubbers:

The wobbly tits are a dead giveaway, this is also why you should try and date Classics students at every opportunity. The girls are blatant perverts and gagging for it cos they look at this sort of thing every day.
A mans buttocks should be like two half coconuts. Firm and a nice handful.
'Buttocks' is a wonderful word, providing it's pronounced in the crisp English way. The Americans just get in so wrong, 'Boo-tocks' or 'Bow-tocks' just doesn't sound right.

Tits just don't do it for me, give me buttocks any day.

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