The Ginger Menace - Is it time for a Cull?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Imintherapy, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Should Gwarrs be allowed to reproduce?

    What can be done to help ginger babies?

  2. blind and deafen them so they'll never now their a gwar its the humane thing to do
  3. Welll ... hmmm gingers are a problem is this current world. There is no cure for their condition, which does make me pitty the poor ginger bastads. (Dying hair is not a cure its a temp remedy). Could follow the old example set back in the bad old days when the English tried to breed out the Scottish.. Can we breed out the gwars? Would you want to spill your muck in a ginger love basket?
  4. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Build more bus stops and open Gwar game reserves
  5. 70% of arrsers have a thing for redheads mmm.... gwars...

    The female variety should be cherished (and ravished). Cull the male ones though, I don't care :p
  6. Does ginger muff taste of ginger?
  7. No - it tastes of fish.
  8. There's rumours about "fox-piss and twiglets", not one I personally believe

    Oh and I wondered where my salmon had got to... what's she put it up there for?
  9. You do get the odd twiglet I must admit.
  10. Just as you can’t help your addiction to ice cream and double-glazing :slow:
  11. I feel I must congratulate you on a superbly original thread that I have never heard before and now no longer find slightly humerous but in fact a little offensive. In the Army I will admit that there are a fair few t*ssres with ginger hair who dont help the cause but at the moment there seems to be a concensous that it is ok to ridicule beyond the point of good humour gingers. It strikes me as funny that these poeple generally dont like to be reminded that they are fat unfit or sh*t at there jobs.

    Rant finished, shame it had to be my first post but never mind, one poor thread is the price to pay for Pte Golden!!
  12. This should get stashed in the NAAFI.

    Load of bo11ox..... IMINTHERAPY.... get a life you two headed w@nker. (you must have two heads to be that stupid).

    Oh and I dont have ginger hair, you mum does though.
  13. Actually take a stroll through the NAAFI, fat people aren't immune from threads. Quite honsetly it's a bit of fun, it should be sent to the NAAFI. Instead of getting all uppity why not give as good as you get?

    Gwarr tw@t :D
  14. Shut up and put the brew on - ginger t0$$er :D