The GI Bill

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bobath, Feb 13, 2008.

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    This reminded me of the US Gi Bill that lets every vetren go to collage for free after leaving service (Yanks pay the full whack for education).

    I can't imagin a uni in this country actually trying to encourage vetrans to attend, let alone those with physical and-or mental/psycological injuries.

    How many poeple on this web site would like or would have liked the oppertunity to study for free after leaving?
  2. If they had a similar idea here I think that would not only encourage more people to join up but also to further their education and there would be more respect for veterans.

    It won't happen.
  3. i would , unfortunately marriage and mortgage get in the way thats why i am going to use my elc and ou to try and get a degree in law wish me luck!
  4. I fcuking wish. Its costing me £15 an hour to learn Gulf Arabic and its going to cost me Several Beer Rupples to get some decent formal quals in maths come exam season this may!

    Adult Learning - My arrse!
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I think it would have made a big difference to a lot of people leaving the forces I would have gone straight away (after a spelling course)
    When we were on ex with the NY National Guard in 2003 they were advertising that if you joined the guard and kept to your commitment they would pay you through college

    By the way the Joseph Galloway who wrote the piece
    Is he the same one who was at Il Drang with the Ist Air Cav and wrote We were soldiers once and young?
  6. I believe he is. Mike Yon doesn't always agree wit hwhat he says but he does reprint alot of it as he holds Joe in high regard. I feel the same way after reading some of his stuff, he does know what he is talking about though.

    This could be a winner for one MP. It wouldn't cost much but might go some way to repaying the dept that the nation owes its armed forces.
  7. I was in the same boat, and did study via the OU for may degree, but without ELC, it is kin hard work but well worth the effort, and yes given the opportunity I would have gone straight to uni after leaving the colours.

    I think the GI bill is an amazing piece of legislation and would love to see something similar enacted here (retropsectively applied of course :D )
  8. I have written to my MP about this, I have met him a few times as he is a big supporter of the local TA Bn so I will let you know wha the says.
  9. You'd be surprised. Don't let the Daily Heil tell you that Universities are just full of sandal-wearing tofu-munchers. Quite a lot of people support the Armed Forces, even a surprising number of the sandallers.

    Besides - fees are fees, and disabled vets would really pep up those HESA stats nicely. If we could only find some wheelchair-bound black lesbian single parents to crowbar on a course, we'd be laughing.

    The main reason I don't see it succeeding is not because of any antipathy to the Forces. It's because that would be rewarding people who're prepared to work hard and shift for themselves; that's simply not in keeping with the current national philosophy.
  10. Open Uni is subsidised by the Government. My BSc(Hons) consists of five 60 point modules costing on average £560 each and two 30 point modules costing on average £330 each. I've used my SLC's for the five 60 pointers and had the two 30 pointers paid as I put in a business case that they would benefit me in my current (at the time) posting.

    Total cost to me before SLC's? £2800

    Total cost to me after SLC's? £1925

    I think £1925 for an Hons Degree is pretty good value (albeit that doesn't include 5 years of frustation, commitment and excessive time management). Don't forget that in the US it can be prohibitively expensive to go to Uni.

    I agree with Smartascarrots as well-all of my Open Uni tutors were also senior lecturers in Uni's such as Cardiff & Swansea and were extremely supportive of those of us who were HM Forces. It's a bit harsh to categorise all of them as being anti Forces.
  11. It's good that there is some help for you Matelot, and it's good that you using it. Do you still have to work while studying, providing for family etc?

    Going to uni should be about more that just getting qulifications, it can be a whole new experiance for a lot of poeple young and old. OU, dispite being very good can't offer this due to not really have a campus.

    I know the uni system in the US is differnt, more expensive etc, which is why it might work over here. It could increase the numbers of those attending higher education (of all form) keeping to HMG's new targets for higher learning, while not being to expensive. Given the background of a lot of soldiers and the govenments desire to see those from less well off backgrounds in higher education, it could be good on lots of levels.

    Smarts, I would not be surprised at all, I work for a university and got full support for my mobilising for a tour so I know that the faculty can be good. A bit of positivity from yourself might not go amiss though.
  12. Sorry, still seething about this one.

    The idea that the work-shy soap-dodger in the flat below me will get extra dosh for more or less some of the time pretending to pay lip-service to decent standards on the off-chance he can be bothered has me weighing the prices of butchers' hacksaws and baths of sulphuric acid.

    A British GI Bill would be a damned good thing and, I'm convinced, a positive thing for the nation, especially when so many squaddies are from precisely the deprived backgrounds the whole Widening Participation agenda is supposed to help.
  13. Far too much sense being spoken here. Tone it down a little.
  14. Good for you matelot annd well done. The Uni Lecturer thingy - HM the Q paid for my Masters at UMIST and the Lecturers there were very good and well supportive of the Forces. I also did an Open Uni degree and it does indeed need commitment. My only regret is that now I am divorced I didn't roger the little bint who used to sit next to me during Research Methodolgy :(
  15. Bad skills Rickshaw, report to Prof. Cernunnos for some basic man lessons.