The Ghosts of ARRSErs Past

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Over the years there have been some rather memorable characters here on ARRSE, some memorable for their wit, some for their intelligent and well thought out posts, some for their bizarre behaviour, and obviously but unfortunately some are memorable just for being total nobs.

    I live in hope that some of the better ones have merely migrated to the private areas here, and may yet come back to the forefront of ARRSE.

    Which past ARRSErs do you think made the biggest contribution to the site?

    Which ones do you remember best?

  2. Well i rather thought our dear friend Chubb and her many guises have left their mark on the place (even if most of them are scars on flashy's mind.)
  3. Flashy always made me smile. :D
  4. RTFQ is legend.

    Oh and subtle hint, do more adventures of little rtfq man!
  5. I'm sure she'll be along shortly with some random cut and paste.
  6. Jarrod, that thread was class :D

    I do miss my friend (and foe) THE_IRON :cry:

    Where are you mate?
  7. Auld_Sapper and RTFQ's threads have got to be 2 of the best.
  8. He went to the Falklands last year, and I spoke to him on the phone a couple of times.

    But, since then, gone. I'll do a search on DII tomorrow, however he was due out around now.
  9. Crikey, that is a good question.

    However, a few I do recall are:

    Mrs Merritt aka LadyNavyVet

    Jeannie aka Blondebint
    (That's why we don't like people with the initials BB).The Ballad of a true Love Story

    In fact, there are loads of people MIA at the moment.

    ArrseWiki Users

    Clicky on there and see how many of the old and bold you can find nowadays.......
  10. Concur! Great and should be a book.

    also a great thread Rum Bum and Mouth Organ

    Great reading.

    I will probably get jumped on for this but I miss Caubeen. He was entertaining.
  11. I hate to tell you this in case it ruins my Weekend in New England, but he coughed it. Caubeen

    Sluggy xxx
  12. Spoke to THE_IRON this morning :D

    Unfortunately, the rumours about having internet access in nick are not true, as he was nicked for 18 months for having an unhealthy interest in penquins whilst down in the Falklands 8O

    (Or was it talking sh1te in the Sports forum, or giving even worse advice in the Joining up forum :wink: )
  13. What happened to LairdX?
  14. I miss those cnuts who decided this mortal coil was not for them.

    When I say miss, I really mean "laugh uncontrollably".

    Fluffybunny (sex deviant) - hanged.

    Blot Bang Rub (lady beater) - overdose.

    There's more cliff hanger endings than an episode of Eastenders on this site.