The Germany that nobody knows!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zapata_rides!, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. One of the things that Hitler managed to achieve post World War 2 was to snuff out the idea that there ever existed posative relations between German Jews and non-Jewish Germans and that Jews were an intergrated and loyal part of the German nation.

    As you can see from the photograph below of a German soldier in liberated Poland with a Jewish boy, the Imperial German Army of the First World War was a very different item from the garbage of World War 2.

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  2. I'm getting the word .... Staged.
  3. Do you happen to know the pre WWII Jewish population of Europe was and what it is now ?
  4. If you mean that the photograph might have been set up specifically for public relations purposes, you might be right I do not know. My best guess is that it was not staged in that it appears to be a photograph from a personal photo album rather than a postcard [ I know postcards were used for public-relations pursposes by the German Government ]. On the other hand, even if it was the case that the photograph was staged, that does not mean to say that Imperial German Army troops were not seen by these people as liberators.

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  5. I think it was about 10 million prior to adolf, his one ball and his cronies.

    Most of East Europe had Jews, now some areas are completely bare of them. Of the 6 million killed during the pogrom, some were killed in the violence in the run up to the "final solution" plus of course those who emigrated away from the danger.
  6. Current Jewish population

    Jewish Population Continental Europe 1939 [ and since ]

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  7. numbers of Jews in German and Austro-Hungarian military during World War 1

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  8. Oxygen thief
  9. I'm surprised that those in Oxygentheifistan were not more preoccupied this afternoon with the Saints-Huddersfield match.

    I paused to seek the root of this Germano-semetic group hug and found it was neither in Germany or Israel:

    I suppose it takes one oxygen theif to recognise another :cry:

    Like 9/11 - Another CIA conspiracy no doubt??
  10. I'm surprised Berthold hasn't been expunged from Jewish records.
  11. whois been a clever boy

    Hals und Beinbruch
  12. Actually Zapata is correct. Prior to Nazification, Germany's Jewish population were fully integrated in a way that few other countries allowed them to be.

    At least hundreds of thousands fought with the German armed forces in WW1 and there are many stories of these veterans being slung into concentration camps along with the rest of the Jewish, Gypsy, Catholic, Freemason, Communists, Educationally Sub Normal, Policital Dissenters and other groups who the Nazis took a dislike to and were determined to eradicate.
  13. Yes that's a good point GDav, additionally I am glad you mentioned the fact that the Nazis persecuted several other groups of people [ apart from the well known issue of the Nazi persecution of Jews ] including Freemasons as particularly in respect of some of these groups and in particular Freemasons there has been very little discussion and recoginition of their persecution by the Nazis.

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  14. I think all the persecutions are well documented Zapata but the world (rightfully) concentrates on the Jewish Holocaust - because of the immensity of it.